Have you gone bald? Check out these places where you can get discount in Japan!

Balding is a common problem in industrialized countries, and it it said that Japan tops the list in Asia.  Yes, Japanese men are losing hair more than anyone else in Asia according to a TripAdvisor survey conducted way back in the year 2011. Male baldness is frustrating and many-a-time daunting, and that is why, these Japanese places are offering a discount if you are bald or clean shaven. 
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Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza

Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka prefecture is home for interesting museums, amusement parks, historical places, and beautiful gardens. If you are planning a visit to this Japanese city filled with surprises, there are many interesting hotels to stay such as the Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza, which belongs to the Tetora Group that currently owns 12 or more accommodations in different cities across Japan. Also known as the Tetora Kyushu Hotel, the Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza has gotten into news for its surprising and rather bizarre promotion targeting bald men. If you are comfortable with the receptionist judging you, you can actually avail a 500 yen discount for a one night stay at the hotel for your baldness. Although it is a small amount, it would still be significant for long-term guests who are intending to stay for more days.
Bald Mascot at Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza
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Website: http://kitakyusyu.e-tetora.com/en/


Let`s go to Tokyo, a city that is not new to surprising and bizarre marketing techniques. A traditional Izakaya named 'Otasuke (roughly means helping hands in English) ' in the heart of Tokyo in the white-collar neighborhood of Akasaka has announced that 'follicly challenged' persons can get a huge discount on their ordered drinks and dishes. Just walk into the place and reveal your baldness in front of any waiter to avail a little discount on the total bill if you are in a group, or free sake if you are alone. The more bald colleagues you bring to the buffet table, the more discount you can actually get. From as little as 500 yen to a free dinner voucher for one, the discount gets larger as more people suffering from hair loss show up in a group. If there are more than 5 bald customers in the group, there will be a special secret gift awaiting.  However, it is all upto the decision of the manager to whether or not give you or your team a discount.
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There are actually interesting reasons behind why the aforementioned Japanese places offer these kind of discounts for bald people. The owner of the Kitakyushu Hotel Plaza has actually came up with this idea so that people like him who are bald could feel special. The hotel even runs a mascot who is bald to welcome its bald customers, and it is probably one among a few hotels on the entire planet to do so. The discount seems reasonable coz bald people do not cause hair clogged drains in the shower or sink, and they can actually help save some money and time on the room cleaning. However, the manager of Otasuke, Yoshiko Toyota, has a totally different reason; she wants to support middle-aged white-collared fathers who are contributing a lot to the economy of Japan shredding their locks every day. Whatever the reasons may be, these places seem pretty interesting, don`t they?

Do not feel shy or offended and have a good time at these two Japanese places without hesitation. Spread the word in the bald community so that they can avail those special discounts when they are traveling in Japan. 

Yashwanth Kumar Rasani