Heart Warming Days @ Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea is holding a cute little event called Heart Warming Days at Cape Cod area , where you can find Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni and StellaLou.
Besides the attraction rides this area seems to be extra popular, you can see why , as the Tokyo Disney Sea characters are really cute.
Unfortunately its a limited time event (1st Jan - 19th Mar 2018) and is currenly finish.
Anyways during the event , you can take photos in various cute photo spots around the area, meet the Disney Sea characters ( the day we went , ShellieMay was there), limited goods and limited menu items.
6C613A0C-C191-439A-94E0-EF50F402C8C9.jpeg 3.71 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

1st Photo Spot, ShellieMay's Flower wagon , may not be much but it makes a really cute background drop. near the wagon theres also some cute hearts , that make a cute photo as well.
7529C14C-1667-4301-98E7-0C9AD3FAC4A5.jpeg 3.36 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Heart flower garlands , super cute and simple , perfect for another cute background , not that amazing but still very cute.
2F866D64-F8A9-4691-B1C9-ADB3655FC381.jpeg 4.01 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Kinda looks like halloween ,but a cute one, founded outside the store, unfortunately i forgot to take photos of the store and inside , because everything was too cute to miss.
B058500E-6CDF-4D73-A293-9A425720D223.jpeg 3.68 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

*close up on Gelatoni decoration.
StellaLou and Gelatoni is currently my top picks for cutest at DisneySea.

List of limited goods
Heart warming days 2018 plush charms
Character outfit plushies
Cookie Cutter
Heart Pouch Bag
Lunch Box set
*in my opinion the heart warming event items are the best items to buy compared to the normal goods , the character plush charms, that hugs the heart is the top pick. 

ED71319B-F127-466A-9A03-AD4C5B53BF57.jpeg 3.01 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Be sure to look everywhere , much like the snowgies at Tokyo Disneyland (during Frozen Fantasy 2018 event) , theres character decorations everywhere,
may not be the best or most amazing thing in the world , but like i say ( a lot , in this article ) , its really cute , like this lamp post , its just so extra and cute.
Each lamp post has a different character on it.
3238B9ED-F6CC-4A11-837C-A27D695D8EA3.jpeg 3.87 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

The Cutest OMG! (sorry) , this is the most popular photo spot , there was quite a line, so only manage to take a quick one , with all the characters.
Theres also a Stella Lou photo spot ( by the water ) , there you'll notice that a lot of people ,have their Stella Lou plushies there, thats a recommend spot for Stella Lou fans (Stella Lou is the purple rabbit and in my opinion the cutest character out of the 4).
2638AA69-E683-44B7-B74E-944E7804B910.jpeg 3.15 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Photo spot , found opposite side of resturant , you'll also be able to find the limited Heart Warming Daysmenu, featuring the characters, but the line is extra long.
Also the souvenirplate and mug menu set is only available at the Cape Cod resturant, along with the limited sweets and hamburger menu.
BEFB7B1E-7DDC-4D81-9091-0F4DF72805EC.jpeg 3.44 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

More Stella Lou cuteness for everyone , it kinda gives you a warm feeling in this spot despite the reality ( which was really cold , like a freezing to death feeling).
5417C16D-2827-48D3-BD19-5EC9BFE0F5CD.jpeg 3.58 MB
Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Last of the Photos of the heart warming days area, it wasn't exciting like the awesome rides at DisneySea, but a nice relaxing place to take nice photos and hang around.
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Photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993 ( self taken)

Not Heart Warming Days related ( but still at Tokyo DisneySea).
This is the Shell shaped burger , found at the Little Mermaid area (inside the mermaid cave thing). compared to everything i ate there ,this was the best in my opinion, much better then anything i ate at Tokyo Disneyland too. 
So if you like scollops , something thats not too expensive , something kinda themed, something yummy , this is for you, so make sure you go try this , while your in the Mermaid cave.

Julia Lai