Enjoy the fun game of breaking watermelons during Summer in Japan

When summer comes, everyone eagerly waits for the juicy, red and big watermelons to come home. There is no great pleasure on a warm summer day than cutting a watermelon and seeing the flesh. When it comes to Japan, fruits have a very unique role as they are seen auspicious, and they are freaking expensive. However, if you are at a beach or a party, you could play this fun game of breaking watermelons, check it out!


The name of the fun game aforementioned, which involves breaking watermelon with a stick and blindfolded, is 'Suikawari'. Many beach goers and young people in groups love to play this as you can not only have fun, but also share the 'red meat' with everyone. It helps in bonding with your friends, kids or partner. If you think that it is very easy to break or split a watermelon, you are mistaken, as the game includes blindfolding. Here is how you play the game: 

  1. You should have a baseball style bat or stick that is atleast 120 centimeters long and has enough width ( 5 -6 centimeters I would say) to easily smash a melon.
  2. The person who wants to play the game has to cover his/her eyes with a beach towel or preferably 'tenugui', which is a popular Japanese headband made of cotton. If anyone has a doubt, he/she could test whether you are cheating or not by dropping something. 
  3. A riped melon, sourced locally, should be placed in front of blindfolded you.
  4. You should break the watermelon within a specific time, most likely 90 seconds. 
Suikawari Association

Did you know that there are actually associations in Japan to popularise watermelon consumption? The rules for the Suikawari game aforementioned are laid down Nihon Suikawari Kyokai, an agricultural group that advocates for more and more people to open watermelons. Since 1991, they have been active under many names such as Japan Suika Wari Association (in English). 

After reading this, I think you would be packing a watermelon on your way to the beach this summer, right? Anyone can play this game, from kids to adults of all backgrounds. 

Yashwanth Kumar Rasani