Spot Maiko and Geisha at Setsubun in Kyoto

Who are Geisha and Maiko?

Geisha: The word divides to Gei: Art and Sha: person, literally meaning the person of arts. Geisha are the women who have mastered the learning of traditional arts of Japan like dancing, singing, music, etc. They are women who entertain with their artistic skills. Geisha are also known as Geiko. The women who are training to be Geisha are Maiko. They are the apprentices of Geisha (Mai: dancing and Ko: child). They dedicate about five years of serving as an apprentice to Geisha while they learn the arts themselves.

What is Setsubun?

Setsubun is the first day of spring in the lunar calendar. People throw roasted soybean outside their houses casting off the bad luck and inviting the good. Yasaka Shrine of Kyoto celebrates this special festival every year with Maico dancing. Various dance companies perform along with some traditional music. 

Here are a few snaps I took this year at Yasaka Shrine:

Ayushi Kalyani