5 ways to celebrate Easter in Japan

Going to be in Japan over the Easter break, and wondering how to celebrate the occasion in a country that doesn't participate in the religious meaning behind the day? Well, never fear - there are still plenty of fun ways to get in the spirit in a unique way. Here are five ways to enjoy all things Easter in Japan this year!

Tokyo Disneyland Easter events

It almost wouldn't be a special occasion in Japan if Tokyo Disneyland didn't celebrate it! The Easter events at Tokyo Disney span almost all of springtime, running from March 27th through until June 6, with everything from parades to egg hunts, and special food and merchandise available. There are more details about all things Easter at Tokyo Disneyland on their website here.
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Tully's Coffee Easter latte

Want to caffeinate in the cutest way possible? Tully's Coffee has you covered! You'll find Tully's locations across much of Japan (they're a fairly large spanning chain) and they've currently got both a hot and a cold Easter latte on offer, complete with chocolate bunny ears, sprinkles, and hints of a vanilla custard taste. Added bonus: most Tully's stores have free wifi, which absolutely comes in handy if you're traveling and need to hop online to confirm booking reservations or just check in with friends and family back home.
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Kit Kat Japan Easter break variety (and other Easter chocolates)

Look, you might be hard pressed to find giant Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies - but Japan has a take on Easter chocolates that are all their own. From Easter Kit Kats (this year's variety are banana flavored - last year's were custard!) through to cookies and more, you'll find a bunch of tasty eats with a different spin than what you might be used to back home. Most of them are in share bags, perfect to enjoy with your travel companions or to bring back as souvenirs for friends and family back home. Check supermarkets and even drug stores!

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Hilton Tokyo's Easter Buffet

The Tokyo Hilton have an Easter brunch held on Easter Sunday itself (April 1st) including everything from roast lamb to Easter buns, and a wide variety of different sweets (you can check out some of the incredible creations below). They also have a range of activities for the little ones in your traveling crew, including an Easter egg hunt and Easter egg painting. Fun for the whole family! More details can be found on their website here.
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An Easter inspired manicure

Want to show off your seasonal spirit on your nails? Many of Japan's nail salons will have themed creations that they can decorate your hands (and feet!) with - perfect pastels, bunny ears, egg inspired designs and more. There are various salons in various parts of the country, but one chain that you may see around during the course of your travels is Nail Quick. There are some details about their stores at the link here.
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Enjoy Japan, and Safe Travels!

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