2018 Recommend Japanese Cosmetics

Back again for my 2018 best recommendation of japanese cosmetics. Best picks that don’t hurt your wallet as well.
As you know , there’s a huge range of japanese cosmetics and it’s really had to choose which ones are the best .
Hopefully this list can help you , I have written about my best cosmetics , that I’ve use this far (in 2018).
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photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993(self taken)

Base , the start of your day and the first step of you make up routine.

1. Lips and Hips UV Skincare Gel
This product I have been using since last year (around nov ) and so far the best gel I’ve used under my base. It’s a really light texture and really moist so it’s perfect , when you just woken up and want to start your make up or even if you just got out of your morning shower.
I tend to swap a few things during season change but so far , I’ve use this in summer (nz weather), winter and now spring (Tokyo), it still manages to keep my skin moist and smooth ,and fast asborb to skin,  so it makes it easy to apply my make up , every morning.

Brought from Ainz Tulpe (harajuku)

Price 1600 yen ( it was during a sale period usually 2300 yen )

2. WhoMee UV Pact
Firstly saver of my life, during the hard times during the winter ( Tokyo’s winter makes your skin really really dry) , my usual base wouldn’t work it’s magic , so it was time to change.
WhoMee is actually a new brand that got released just recently (late feb 2018). I wasn’t sure about this brand until I try it at loft.
The packaging is really cute but simple , anyways the product itself, looks like a milk white , but blended really well on my skin ( I have not so light coloured skin , but not ultra dark ) , so I was surprise it blended naturally and beautifully on my skin. Best thing is that it feels extra light and makes my skin more smoother.
Another good thing is that it’s really easy to take around too.
So far this product is the most popular ,in their brand, as it’s currently sold out online and in most stores , so hopefully when you go buy this it’s in stock , I’ve kinda tried their control colour base but I found the UV pact much more useful.

Brought at cosme , also I’ve seen in Loft (Shibuya , sold out when I walked away for least then 10mins)

Price 2300 yen

*currenly waiting on new cushion , I will add if it’s worth it =)
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photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993(self taken)

After skincare, base ,foundation , it’s time to do the eyes ~.

1. Eyeliner dejavu lasting liner ( green packing)
Currently newest loved eyeliner , I’ve used , it’s really easy to draw , long lasting with and won’t smudge , when you by accident , rub your eyes ( since it’s hay fever season ...sign , I have real experience, because of the itching I by mistake rubbed my eyes and it really doesn’t smudge , which surprised me).
The one I brought was the purple colour one , because I got a bit sick of the average black or brown colours , it’s not a bold purple so it’s really easy to coordinate with your usual eye shadow colours ( looks really well with my pink shadows). Not to worry they have 5 colours , purple , black , brown , light brown and navy.

Brought at cosme store (shibuya) , also can buy from loft

Price 2300 yen

2. Excel Eyeliner (brown packaging) , it’s a really fine tip and easy to draw with , much like the first liner , it’s quite lasting , not as much as the first eyeliner, also doesn’t really smudge ( same hay fever incident experience ).

3. Flowfush Smart Mascara
Best Mascara I have used in my entire life ( no jokes , I always was put off by mascara) , since I gave up on mascara , I decided to give it one more chance , I’m glad I found this one , it’s actually a blue coloured mascara and I love it , the colour comes through neatly ,my lashes look fuller and longer, also it applies on like magic !! , it’s not as messy as the ones I used in the past and it looks quite natural. Another good point is that it’s easier to wash off compare to the last ones I’ve used, you can just clean it off with wipes with out ripping a whole lot of lashes out ( it still does but prob 1-2).

Brought harajuku (takeshitadori)

Price (forgot but was somewhere under 2500 yen )

4. Excel 3 in 1 brow
So convenient, brushing , colour and liner , super easy to use , easy to wipe off and also looks natural on my brows.

Brought at loft

Price ( forgot but it was under 2000 yen )

5. Made in Japan shadow ( forgot name) it’s noting special but I just found it applies well , the colour shows and really glittery and easy applied with finger tips too.
Works and texture feels like Only Minerals eye shadows.

Found at cosme ( Shibuya)

Price 1900 yen

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photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993(self taken)

This most expensive on the list and yes it’s time for sailor moon cosmetics .
This time it’s the beatiful crystal Face powder.
Not only is to beatiful it’s really cute , especially inside.
I use this as a finishing , which I can say , I’m impressed, it fixes the colours on my skin and gives it a glow , it feels light and settles my make up and helps it last .
Only thing is it’s quite big to take around but on the bright side it’s looks so cute on my shelf, perfect find for any sailor moon fans as well.

Brought at sailor moon store (harajuku) Laforet

Price 4500 yen

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photo taken by Kawaiijuls1993(self taken)

More sailor moon stuff , one is the lash curler , comes with 4 spare sponge ( not sure what to call those things ) , it’s easy to use and cute ( the transformation brooche), to be honest I just brought and love it because it’s sailor moon related.

Brought at sailor moon store Laforet 

Price 2600 yen 

Sailor Venus balm 
Light the other sailor senshi ones just different colour , easy to take in you bag and conveniently perfect for the dry weather ( protection from dry lips kinda ).

Brought at its demo 

Price 900 yen 

Julia Lai