Must eat instant noodles in japan

Instant noodles isn’t something you should eat frequently, but some times you crave for that unhealthy fattest =p , here is some recent , must try instant noodles, that I personally tried and thought  that’s it worth sharing about .
Also you can only buy these in japan , so maybe if you in a hotel room , hungry and don’t wanna spend lots of cash or  get room service , hopefully these foods can satisfy! . Or else just wanting to buy random food related things to take home and try.

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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

CUP NOODLE Fried Chicken and Fries

This mind blown me a bit, the flavour is fries and fried chicken, legit!!! , I mean it was super buzzy , It really taste like it , the topping in it had the exact taste of the usual fried chicken and fries, it sounds really fatten but honest I would recommend you to try this one over the original and seafood cup noodle.

It’s a recent release flavour but you can find in convenient stores ( mostly seen in 7-11)
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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken)

Nissin Ippudo from HK

I was super happy finding this , or though it’s not really japanese but I’m sure , that you can’t buy this in Hong Kong. Once it’s cooked , it smells so good~~~ , it’s smells like crayfish and the soup base is really rich in flavour.

Founded at most convenient stores

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Photo taken by kawaiijuls1993 (self taken) 

Cook Happiness Ace Cook Noodles 

This one is least fattening , because it’s instant vermicelli, the have a huge range of flavours but this is the best one I’ve tried from the most of their products. The flavour isn’t spicy (although I love spicy food) , it’s has a Chinese style taste to the soup , it’s has a nice saltiness to it , but the amount of noodles is quite small , so if you’re really hungry I suggest eating two at least. 

Find at supermarket and 7-11

*Addition to the list 

Hot slim pack chips 
Founded almost everywhere and really popular in Japan , you may recognise the original black packet ones , these are the same flavour but cutted into small pieces and it’s easier to take anywhere. 

Find at convenient stores and supermarket and village vanguard 

Julia Lai