Okinawa World - A cultural amusement park

Okinawa World is the ultimate bundle of Okinawa culture.  The main attractions include Gyokusendo Cave, Kingdom Village, and Habu Park.
Park entry varies depending on what parts of the park you wish to see. 
Admission is 
1650 yen (all attractions)
1240 yen (cave and village only)
620 yen (village only)
620 yen (Habu Park only)

Gyokusendo Cave is the longest of the many caves in the south of Okinawa and the second longest cave in the entire country at five kilometers long. Only 850 meters are open to the public but the caves are well lit and easy to navigate. The formations are breath taking and there are preserved animal tracks and other hidden points of interest along the way.
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The Kingdom Village is a replica of a traditional Ryukyu village with workshops introducing the various traditional Okinawan crafts, such as weaving, dyeing, paper making, pottery, sugar cone processing, the making of music instruments and the more recently introduced glass blowing. Hands-on experiences are offered at many of the workshops. The glass blowing gift shop had a plethora of stunning or unique merchandise and souvenirs with reasonable prices. While in the village take the time to stop and get your photo done in Ryukyuan clothing. The traditional clothing are in stunning colors that originally  only royalty and the gentry wore.  You can pay for their photographer to take the photo and use your camera or phone to take a picture too!

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The Habu Park, named after the infamous, poisonous, local Habu snake, consists of a snake museum, a small zoological garden with some snakes on display and a snake show.

Also, stop by the Nanto Brewery for a taste of snake venom alcohol or a refreshing coral water beer. Stroll through and view the tropical orchard with a small cafe of tasty treats from the orchard. To complete your visit be sure to browse the culture center for all the history of the stylistic lion-dog you will find all over Okinawa Island.
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