Top 10 Must Try Matcha Snacks and Desserts in Japan

When you think about Matcha Tea, you will probably think of Japan. Matcha tea has been associated with the image of Japan. Matcha is not only use for traditional occasions but snacks and desserts also. In Japan, you can find a lot of foods, sweets or snacks are made by matcha. Today, I would like to recommend the best ten matcha flavored snacks and desserts you can try in Japan. 
1. Kit Kat Matcha Flavored 
 Kit Kat is a famous chocolate-covered wafer bar confection and it was introduced to Japan in 1973. In 2014, Kit Kat is top-selling confection in Japan. They offer over 300 limited edition, seasonal and regional Kit Kat types made in Japan. The flavors include matcha which is made of white chocolate, cookie wafer and matcha green tea. Don’t wait to stock up.
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2. Matcha Ice-cream 
If you want to taste the true flavor of matcha ice-cream, you have to come Japan. This is the best dessert you must try how soft and richest matcha in Japan. Many cafés and restaurants offer matcha ice-cream with other toppings. So, grab a cup or cone of matcha ice-cream now.
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3. Oreo Matcha Cream 
Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with cream filling in between. They offer many flavors of oreo including matcha filling. The cream is milky, rich and buttery with bitterness of green tea when you have a first bite. Grab it as souvenir and bring back home. 
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4. Matcha Pocky 
Pocky is a Japanese snack food that produced by Ezaki Glico and it was established in 1922. Forty-four years later, Glico released a new product – a chocolate-coated, pretzel-like cookie stick. The stick is consist of various flavors you can choose from, such as chocolate, strawberry, matcha, chocolate banana and cookie & cream. Pocky matcha is listed into must try snack for matcha lovers.
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5. Meiji Melty Kiss First Flush Green Tea 
Meiji is a famous company for making chocolate and they use high quality ingredients to produce the perfect chocolate. The great taste, trendy packaging and cheap price made many foreigners and locals like Meiji products so much. Today, I want to introduce their chocolate-matcha flavor. Your first taste is the bitterness of the chocolate and after that the rich and creamy matcha spreads all around your mouth. The combination is really melts in your mouth and super delicious.
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6. Morinaga Matcha Caramel Bag 
Morinaga is a leading producer dairy products in Japan including milk, ice-cream and other beverages and foods. It has been over 100 years and famous in Japan. Morinaga has released matcha caramels been many years. Matcha and caramel are definitely a good match – a bit bitter and sweet combination.
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7. Calbee Matcha Potato Chips 
If you like potato chips, you definitely love matcha potato chips from Calbee. Calbee’s Zeitaku Matcha chips are mixed of white chocolate and uji matcha strips are poured on the potato chips. The first taste is salty and after that there’s a mellowing sweetness. You also can try green tea chocolate covered shrimp chips from Calbee too. It is also covered in a coating of dark green matcha chocolate. 
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8. Tokyo Banana Matcha Cake 
Tokyo Banana is a popular souvenir item in Japan and many tourists add this item into their shopping list. You can find it across Japan including airport, department stores, convenient stores, souvenir shops and Tokyo station. It is a soft sponge cake with sweet banana custard cream filling. It looks like banana-shaped cake. Tokyo Banana also comes in different flavors including matcha. This matcha cake contains double filling of uji matcha tea and chunky Tokachi adzuki bean paste. Matcha milk cream wrapped in fluffy sponge cake. It is so delicious.
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9. Matcha Alfort Chocolate Biscuit 
Matcha and chocolate are always a good partner. Biscuit is made with a bittersweet chocolate and uji matcha. A layer of matcha chocolate coats a piece of chocolate shortbread, giving a perfect combination of texture. The fragrance if the matcha is super nice. Try this to fill your stomach.
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10. Matcha White Chocolate Popcorn 
Japan Frito-Lay is a shop to produce Garrett Popcorn in Japan. They released a new matcha and white chocolate flavor popcorn in March 2018. The popcorn mixed with sweet layer of matcha and richly white chocolate where allow you to enjoy both Japanese famous matcha and western flavors at once.
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