Pepsi Releases New J-Cola Beverage on 17th April 2018 (Only Available for Japanese Market)

Pepsi is the international well-known cola-flavored carbonated soft drink. It has been manufactured and sold in Japan by Suntory since 1998. Coca-Cola is the biggest competitor and the company has released special edition drinks recently such as Coca-Cola Peach and Sakura version. The strategy is aimed to increase demand during the Hina Matsuri festival in spring. 

To compete with competitors, they created many unique and exclusive soft drinks inspired by local and tastes and seasonal ingredients. For example, Pepsi Halloween Cola, Pepsi Christmas Cola, Pepsi Sakura and many others limited or seasonal soft drinks only exclusively in Japan market. 
In this year, Pepsi and Suntory has released new soft drink only available in Japan on 17th April 2018. The new Pepsi called J-Cola. The release of J-Cola is a part of a larger marketing movement by Suntory where the company wants to create beverages with local preferences. 
There have three flavours will be available in this range, Zero Pepsi, Regular and Midnight. Zero version is for people who want to cut down on their calorie intake. Midnight version has a lingering aroma and it’s created to be enjoyed at night. This is based on a survey revealed Japanese customers most wanted drink late.
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The packaging design for the bottle presents the printing of The Great Wave off Kanagawa and traditional calligraphy font are totally revealed the Japanese style. Three flavours have three different labels and colours. Each of the version has different bottle sizes including 420ml, 490ml, 600ml and 1.5l whereas Pepsi Midnight has only490ml per bottle.
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Don’t forget to find out in Middle of April 2018 when Pepsi J-Cola goes on release. Enjoy the coolest soft drinks during spring season in Japan. 

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