Tokyo Dome & Yomiuri Giants

I love Baseball. I am from Washington State, and often go to Seattle Mariners games. I COULD NOT miss my opportunity to see the wonderful treasure that is Japanese Baseball. In Japan, Baseball is one of the biggest sports, I would say that the Japanese like/pay more attention to baseball than the Americans do.  I purchased my ticket online (months in advanced because I was so excited) for about 2,400 Yen ($24USD). However I do believe you can get tickets at the Tokyo dome as long as it isn't a big game. I purchased a hat, t-shirt, and many many souvenirs for my family at the dome. The dome is inside, unlike most US baseball stadiums which are outside. The outside of the stadium has a huge rollercoaster and many things to see. Theres even an MLB Cafe!! I found this very interesting because it was an American Baseball Cafe, but still cool, as I have never seen one even in the US.
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During the game, the Giants were playing the Yokohama Bay Stars. There were plenty of Bay Star fans, and they were LOUD!!! Urusaidesune!!! The cheering was all done to a drum, and very well choreographed. Many of the local Tokyo fans were coming to the game from work, as it was a Tuesday and game time was 6pm. There were a lot of men in suits who came and took off their jackets, put the orange Yomiuri towel around there neck and started drinking beer from the little beer girls that come around and fill a cup for you from their back packs! I did drink one, for my dad who is back in the States, but always enjoys beers at the stadium. The game ended around 9/10pm (as Baseball games are usually around 3-4 hours). Although the Giants lost, this was still a great experience, as I almost went for round two the next night, but ran out of time. Getting to the game at the Tokyo dome, and back to my hostel in Chuo Ku was quite easy with the subway. Can't wait to watch more Japanese baseball some day!!!!

Lindsey Kosaki