Tokyo Tower

Tokyo is massive. The most massive city I've ever seen/been in. Bangkok (my current home) is also big, but not as densely populated with buildings and people and modern technology. I always knew Tokyo was big, but you never really know how big something is until you're 300 meters (Americans: 400 meters is one lap around the track so do the math) above the city and can't really see where it ends. The Tokyo tower is quite similar looking to the Eiffel tower in Paris, however the Tokyo tower is White and Orange.
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Yes, this pictures is edited to make the sky a little nicer than the mostly overcast look. None the less, the tower is quite pretty. Kireine! It was 900Yen for adults to go into the tower. Part of it was under construction so I was not at the very top, but still pretty high up. There's a cafe inside as well as multiple omiyage (gift) shops. This part of Tokyo is easily accessible with he Subway, as is everywhere in Tokyo honestly (I will write a separate article about the subway later on when I have the time to explain my experience/awe/obsession).

The view from the tower is a 360degree view of Tokyo. There are even helpful signs on the viewing floor that point to the different areas of Tokyo that are popular, including Shinjuku, Mt. Fuji (Fujisan), and other notable areas. The people here who work at the tower speak both Japanese and English, which comes in handy when they are talking about the tower and what you'll be able to see from the top. Initially, I thought that I was going to the Tokyo Sky Tree (spoiler: I was not at the Tokyo Sky Tree). Which looks like this:
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Its the one that looks like a stick. Yes, I did not know that there were two tower-like buildings in Tokyo, so I was confused. The Sky Tree is the #1 highest building in Tokyo, while the Tower is the 2nd. The SkyTree I believe is much more crowded than the Tower, and you should cut out more time because the process of getting into the Tree is more extensive (time slots, visiting hours, etc). It is also more expensive, maybe 1,500Yen+. However, the view from the Skytree I do believe will be better, my niece went there and her pictures showed to be even above the clouds. I high recommend going to one of these buildings, or many people like to go to nearby buildings that allow the public to go to the top floor and look out the windows to see the view of the city. I think that is also a good way to see the city, and get the Tree/Tower in your pictures. However, don't be a burden to the Japanese workers in the building, do your research on what buildings will allow tourists to visit their higher floors to enjoy the view. 

Lindsey Kosaki