SpaceX, Typhoon Jebi Recovery and Kit Kats : This week in Japan

Space X will be sending ZOZOTOWN’s CEO to Space!

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is fulfilling his promise of sending the everyday citizen to space and he’s starting his mission off by sending one of Japan’s richest men: CEO of Zozotown and avid space invader Yusaku Maezawa.

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Our very own Japanese billionaire will be set to circle to moon on the Space X’s BFR: Big Falcon Rocket during 2023, becoming the first ever commercial passenger to the moon. This ship is the next-generation reusable rocket designed to transport people and cargo to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Sounding like a childhood hypothetical question of ‘if you could be stuck on a deserted island with five people, who would they be?’, 42-year-old Maezawa has chosen the best comrades on Earth to join him on his adventure, and who are they?


That’s right, if there’s any time to be more of a creative, then it’s now, because Maezawa is giving us all the opportunity of a lifetime. Head curating and hosting a project named #dearMoon, Maezawa plans to select six to eight artists from around the world for a journey outside this world. These six to eight creatives can range from designers to architects and are chosen for the purpose of creating works around their lunar voyage once they return to Earth.

An avid art collector and fan of the arts, Maezawa’s personal collection consists of Picasso and Basquiat works, but his greatest inspiration for his creative endeavours has always been the moon. Pondering the kinds of works Pablo Picasso, John Lennon, Coco Chanel, Andy Warhol, or Michael Jackson would’ve created if they had been able to see the moon up close, Maezawa reveals the fuel for his successes.

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“Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the moon. It’s always there and has continued to inspire humanity. ”

Last year when Elon Musk revealed the possibility of having commercial space trips to the moon, two anonymous people reached out and pre-purchased their tickets. It has now been found out that Mr. Maezawa was one of those two, so it doesn’t look like his interest in travelling to the moon has dwindled with time! And if the artists that have been chosen are struggling to get their funds together for this trip, Maezawa says it’s all good to go, as he has bought all the seats on the BFR as long as you produce masterpieces that will inspire the dream within all of us.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I think about a commercial trip to the moon, I think of a commercial plane, but of course it’s not that simple when you’re travelling outer world. Although SpaceX hasn’t decided on any specific training methods, there is a training system that will be put in place. Whether it’s 100 pushups and 100 chin ups every day to get that superhero bod, or if it’s mental agility training, we’re sure Maezawa is up for the challenge. To infinity and beyond Maezawa.

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Railway services to Kansai airport resume

Seventeen days after the reign of Typhoon Jebi, we’re finally hearing the good news that Kansai Airport has now finally reopened. With Terminal two reopening on September 7th and normal operations have restarted on September 21, this concludes the recovery of Kansai airport and is now open to greet International and domestic visitors. Fears of a complete shutdown to Kansai’s largest and only international airport began, however three weeks later, the airport runway and terminal building are back in operation, and all passenger flights have resumed.

Extreme flooding made its way through the main runway and terminal building, also causing a tanker to break loose and crash into the only bridge connecting the airport to the mainland. The flooding also caused an electric power facility underground on the north side of Terminal one to blackout, and the baggage claim area had also been ruined by the storm surge. As well as the flights, 183 stores and restaurants such as currency exchange booths, convenience stores and souvenir stores in Terminal one who were also affected by the water reopened for business to the ongoing passenger intake. Train services across the bridge that brought passengers to and from the airport have also been restored, giving travelers and locals to rejoice at the speed and effectiveness of the airport’s recovery team. Before Jebi, the railway carried about 67,000 passengers, which is 80% of all passengers going to the airport.

On Friday morning bright and early, passengers started to form lines in front of their airline counters to undergo normal boarding procedures, and the first plane leaving the North Wing carried passengers to Hong Kong at 7am.

Prior to Jebi, Kansai International Airport had around 20,000 foreigners entering Japan at the airport every day, with a total of 469 flights scheduled to depart (128 domestic and 341 International flights). Now, talk about restructuring nearby airports at Itami and Kobe are in play, in preparation for other natural occurrences. Plans for Kobe and Itami airports to accept up to 35 round trip international flights rerouted from Kansai are in the midst, as two flights to and from Hong Kong via Japan airlines at Itami airport have been announced.

Kit Kat Bar opens up in Tokyo

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With how many variations and twists Japan has done with Kit Kats, can we assume that Kit Kats are now a pivotal part of Japanese food culture? With over 5 chocolatery stores across Japan and an in-store cafe in Kyoto, it’s hard to say that Japan isn’t a fan of these delectable chocolate wafer sticks.

Taking one of their best sellers, the Japanese Sake Kit Kat, and combining it with the success of the Kit Kat cafe, Nestle has finally opened up a dining spot that just makes sense: The Kit Kat Bar. Partnering up with Japanese soccer star and umeshu lover, Hidetoshi Nakata and Wakayama-based sake master, Heiwa Shuzou, Nestle is in the makes of their next Kit-Kat release: plum wine or umeshu Kit Kats.

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Now, everyone in Japan will be able to try this new release, but if you’re looking for a true chocolate experience, you might want to visit the limited time pop-up bar at the CITAN hostel in Nihonbashi named Craft Sake Week at Kit Kat Bar. Here, you can taste the new umeshu-flavoured Kit Kat with carefully designed and expertly crafted cocktail pairings to best match your chosen Kit Kat flavour. Each cocktail is crafted by Rogerio Igarashi Vaz, a bartender at Ebisu’s Bar Trench, which was voted one of the best bars in Asia’s 50 Best Bars Competition this year. Adding to the pit of incredible industry leaders, a limited number of Milano sake glasses crafted by esteemed Japanese ceramist Kyosuke Hayashi are also available for sale at the bar.

You might be thinking, why a soccer star? Well, Nakata is pretty much the Matthew McConaughey of Japan, but instead of Bourbon, he has chosen sake. Since his soccer career, Nakata has risen to fame in the sake industry, working with hundreds of brands and helping to promote the unappreciated category of rice wine sake in the world. While the menu revolves mainly around the Kit Kats, the savoury food that is sold on the sidelines alongside the cocktails are served up by Michelin-star Tokyo L’Effervescence’s famed chef, Shinobu Namae.

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There you have it ladies and gents. Kit-Kat has officially become more bougie and high class for me now, so I’ll go back to my bagged goon and wallow about not being able to taste food with that level of quality on my Friday nights. But apparently these snacks supposedly have a pretty considerable amount of alcohol in them, making them unsuitable for kids, pregnant women or people who can’t take large amounts of alcohol. With the Kit Kat bar out of the question for me and my wallet, it seems like I can get the job done by sticking to the sake Kit Kats on their own!

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