One day family trip in Monobegawa, Kochi prefecture

Looking for a culture trip in Japan but don’t know where to go? Well, have we got the place for you! 

Whether you’re in the area or you’re ready for an adventure with the family, grab your loved ones and head to the outskirts of Kōchi prefecture at a little town called Monobegawa area.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you all sorted! Check out this handy day-itinerary we’ve come up with to make sure you maximize your next trip at Monobegawa:

Glass blowing at Tochi 10:00am

Start your day off with everyone well-relaxed, and your stomachs full of breakfast because today’s going to be a jam-packed day.

The first activity for the day is glass blowing at Tochi, where you can make your own glass cup and decorate it in any funky way you like. This workshop is run by the owner who is inspired by his hometown, the sea, nature and self-expression, but best of all, who is excited to share his passion of glass creation with you!

Get your hands moving and learn a little something about a material that started from a grain of sand. Reservations need to be made in advance, so get in there quick!

Nishijima Horticulture Park 12:00pm

Starting to feel a little hangry? Well we can assure you that your second activity of the day will be far more relaxing at Nishijima Horticulture Park– a fruit farm. If you’re there in January to June, the strawberries will be fresh and ready to pick, but all year round, the park guarantees sweet and delicious fruit. By adjusting the amount of water that each plant will be fed ensures the growth of a perfect fruit.

Don’t believe us? Well get ready to be proven wrong because they also have a café that serves fruity desserts made in-house– the most popular being the soft and creamy ice cream served with melon.

Gomen to Nahari Line 2:03pm

Next stop: Tosa Kuroshio Railway, specifically, Gomen to Nahari Line. This line allows for passengers to see the beauty of Monobegawa, such as the palm tree lined streets, Yasea Park Beach, and the gorgeous yacht harbour.

Let your hair down and take your eyes off the kids for a while, because they’ll be too busy enjoying the artwork of a Kōchi legend: author of popular Japanese series Anpanman Takashi Yanase. Here on this train, you and your family will also be able to view secret Yanase Takashi characters at each stop of the ride that only #truefans know of.

Warning: we recommend you arriving a little bit before 2:03pm because this particular train doesn’t come often, and you’re looking at an hour wait for the next one.

There’s also an open-deck train that operates a few times a day to maximise your intake of the scenery that Monobegawa has to offer. But like any planned trip, we recommend that you check the train schedules ahead of time, as they might change depending on seasons.

Yasea Park 2:36pm

If you follow this itinerary to the letter, you’ll get to Yasu Station at around 2:36pm, meaning that you’re either inching to snack on something or still stuffed from the morning fruit feast. Well now this is your time to relax with the family and chill out at Yasea Park and beach. In this picture-perfect town, you’ll be able to walk along the beach, enjoy a cup of coffee and a fruit popsicle at cafe mana mana, and check out the foods that Kōchi is known for at the shop!

Act Land 4:30pm

Tired yet? Time for you to sit and let the kids exert the rest of their energy, while you stroll through every exciting exhibit that’s available at Act Land! Great for both kids and parents, Act Land is known for their incredibly lifelike wax figures that retell some of the most important figures of Japanese modern history. A cross between a museum and a theme park, Act Land is definitely the place you need to go while you’re in Kōchi Prefecture.

Spend the rest of your day at Act Land before grabbing dinner nearby because we can already tell– you’re tired from doing so much in such a small amount of time. But we hope you enjoy these places as much as we did!

Tokyo Creative