Japan now has a Fried-Chicken Robot

Convenient stores in Japan are known for their, well, convenience, but what the Tokyo Creative team know them most for, is their incredible range of takeaway food– especially, their fried chicken range.

(Image from Japan Today)

So you can guess that we were excited when we heard that Lawson was giving us something we’ve always dreamed of, but didn’t know we needed it until it became a reality: a fried chicken-cooking robot. In Japan, robots have been somewhat of a handy-helper for us, with them helping out paralyzed people run their own cafe or dancing on the streets of Shinjuku, but this one, we can guarantee is probably the most useful of them all.

The 153.8 centimetre tall, this Pavarotti of the fried chicken world will be cooking up Lawson’s Kaarage-kun brand of popcorn chicken– the perfect snack with a pint or two of beer. Selling almost 20 billion bite-sized chicken pieces every year, it’s not a stretch to say that this is one of Japan’s favorite snacks, especially since they’re always coming out with new flavors like Black Hole and Dragon Quest healing magic friend chicken.

(Image from Japan Today)

The first Karaage-kun robot chef is set to be installed at Lawson’s Osaki branch in Tokyo, and designers of the robotic chicken have said that its automated cooking time is 80 percent faster than if a normal living person cooks it. Therefore, mo’ chicken, mo’ money (whatever that means).

(Image from Japan Today)

After collecting you popcorn chicken, you still need to be able to check out and pay for it over the counter as normal, but it comes with a barcode on its customary paper Karaage-kun packaging, making it easier for attendants to check you out easier!

(Sources: Japan Times, Japan Today)

Elise Meng