"Almost" Sea-urchin Instant Noodles Released by Nissin

If you’ve ever tried uni or sea urchin and thought ‘Why god, why?!’, then now’s your chance to try a version of it… in your instant noodles. In the ever-continuing saga of Japan and it’s possible skewed perspective on umami, popular Instant noodle brand, Nissin Foods have announced that they will be releasing their new flavour, 'The Cup Noodle Rich Luxuriously Thick Sea Urchin Cream'. A mouth-full of words and noodles, this new product on the market tries to emphasize the taste of sea urchin in a creamy soup base.

Sea urchin as one of Japan’s delicacies also runs pretty high, price-wise and this new addition to their luxury Cup noodles line kind of just makes sense. In order to put sea urchin cup noodles at a reasonable price-point, they have made the decision to use a unique ingredient that they’re calling “almost real sea urchin”, which apparently only contains 6.9% of real sea urchin.

Now don’t worry, if your wallet isn’t ready for real sea urchin, Nissin has assured us that this mystery meat has been made to carefully replicate the taste of sea urchin, so that each mouthful brings you the same rich flavour and aroma of real sea urchin.

We’re not quite sure about it either– especially the ‘almost real sea urchin’ words being advertised in quotation marks. But on the positive, based on the pictures it looks like you get some mini broccoli pieces too, so we guess that’s one step towards a better and healthier you?

(Source and images from Japan Today, SoraNews, Japanese Products Blog)

Elise Meng