World's First: Self-Serve Lawson

Amazon has hyped this up for a while now, but Lawson has come through strong with the execution, because now there’s Japan’s first self-serve convenient store! Way ahead of its game, Lawson has set the standard for many other Japanese companies, by hiring foreign residents in large numbers, and implementing simple automation practices into their services. We're already seeing automatic chicken-making robots, but now, with the fully self serving convenience store, Lawson has opened up a new shopping experience.

Opening on October 9th, this convenient store will rely on Smartphone pay and small changes have been made to make your favorite products more accessible. For example, everyone’s much loved Karaage-kun chicken character will be in self-serve heaters, making it easy for you to take to the cashier yourself, rather than having assistance.

(Image from SoraNews)

There are also eat-in counters equipped with chargers, USB ports, and tablets, where you can keep up to date all the news on Tokyo Creative News, or watch your Chris Broad sweat his brains out in his Journey Across Japan.

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All you really need to do to take part in the purchasing is download the official Lawson app on your phone, create a Lawson account and register any point or travel cards that any regular Lawson store accepts. Once you’re all set up, you’re pretty much good to go. Open up the Smartphone Pay feature on the app, and let it detect which Lawson store you’re in by opening up your phone GPS location services and Bluetooth, then scan your favorite tri-sandwich or coffee can on the app’s QR reader. It will then tell you how much the product is, and you can check out by clicking on your bag and confirm your purchase!

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Now, sometimes you have the occasional thief, but as we said– Lawson has thought of everything. Any theft will be taken care of through the confirmation process: after you have purchased your produce, an email will be sent to you with a special QR code that can be read by an in-store device to confirm to both parties are aware that you have made a purchase. There, you will also be able to view your receipt, and your entire purchase history will also be shown to allow you to reflect on your bad 3am coffee visits to the convenient store.

Frankly, we’re excited to see where Lawson goes with this, and how far the self-service convenient store can spread!

(Source: SoraNews)

Elise Meng