Most Googled Terms in Japan 2018

Another new year has come around, which means this is the perfect time to reflect back on the year before. In 2018, Tokyo Creative saw a lot of change and growth, and in the greater scheme of things, so did Japan. So here are the top five spiciest Google searches of 2018 in Japan:

5. Manga Mura

More than ever, Otaku’s worldwide are concerned about their beloved manga industry and its apparent demise, but in 2018, Japan has taken a stand against infringed material– this time, with a website called Manga Mura (Manga Village), which was accused of hosting free pages of copyrighted work.

With many fighting against the website, it all finally came to an end in early April when Manga Mura, along with many other similar websites went offline– beginning the hunt for the distribution of copyrighted material online.

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4. Tatsuya Yamaguchi

In pop-culture news, TOKIO member Tatsuya Yamaguchi made national news for forcibly kissing and sexual harassing a teenage girl in his home in late April this year. The powerful talent agency Johnny & Associates then announced that Yamaguchi will be suspended from his activities with the TOKIO band after the incident. As a host for NHK Broadcasting’s youth-targeted program “R no Hosoku” (“R’s rules”), it was a huge shock for both fans, the industry and his band mates, as Yamaguchi was a prominent figure in variety shows and interview.

(Image from The Japan Times)

3. Typhoon

As one of the reasons why 2018 was deemed ‘the year of disaster’, typhoon news during early June began with concern about Japan’s National Route 25– a popular highway that connects the major cities of Yokkaichi and Osaka in Japan. In particular, people were concerned about the Tropical Cyclone Meari, which was located at the eastern ocean of Taiwan and Changma in 2011. Surprisingly, the majority of Google searches about typhoons were literally ‘typhoon’ without any specifics of Kyoto and Osaka, which caused quite a lot of damage this year. Instead, people were looking at past typhoons in the world and were turning towards the Japan Meteorological Government Agency for updates and help.

(Image from The National)

2.    Olympics

The PyeongChang Winter Olympics was also one of the biggest events that occurred this year, as each event was aired on nearly every channel on Japanese television. The most popular sports voted by Japanese people were Skiing, Curling, and Speed Skating, as well as the Opening Ceremony and opportunities to volunteer.

Don’t worry Japan– You’ve got your own Olympics to worry about in a bit, so we ought to see little change to these results soon!

(Image from JPTV YouTube)

1.    World Cup

It’s no doubt that the biggest event of the year was also in turn, the most searched topic within Japan. In early June, the World Cup came and conquered the Japanese internet, as constant updates, replays and highlights of each game became the headliner story for the next day.

(Image from Today)

The Japanese team did well until their final loss with Belgium, denying them a first-ever place in the quarter-finals. The Samurai Blue played with great candor, and many from outside of Japan remember the humble Japanese fans who cleaned up after themselves the match.

The majority of searches came from Oita Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture and Nagasaki, with the most Googled terms being ‘World Cup next match’ and ‘Paraguay World Cup’.

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Elise Meng