Our First Offline Event! Journey Across Japan Afterparty

On Sunday, February, 17th, 2019 we held our very first offline event, Tokyo Creative x Abroad in Japan’s Journey Across Japan afterparty. With tickets selling out in just a matter of days, we had a full house of over 100+ attendees along with Abroad in Japan’s team—Chris Broad, Ryotaro and Natsuki and our Tokyo Creative influencers gathering in the heart of Tokyo at The Millenials Shibuya.

With our very own CEO, Chris Okano and the ever so energetic Shiori as the MCs, we kicked things off with some original Tokyo Creative beer and cupcakes. 🍻

The energy was ⚡️electric ⚡️as we watched and listened to Chris Broad share his highlights of the two month trek across Japan with Ryotaro and Natsuki chiming in along the way.

We also had Sharla aka. Sharmander and Joey The Anime Man share their experiences as well as Ian, the CTO of Tokyo Creative, who shared his story of what it was like being the project manager during the two month journey.

The Q&A session included lots of funny and interesting questions regarding the trip, as well as broader questions to the TC influencers regarding what it’s like to film and much more.

The event ended with free time where audience members got to mingle and chit chat with their fav influencers; lots of selfies were taken! 🤳🏼

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event, you guys are awesome! If you couldn't make it, that's okay, because you can watch it all go down here. 👈🏼 Stay tuned for more events like this in the near future!

Special thanks to The Millennials Shibuya for hosting the event! Book your next stay in Shibuya, Tokyo at this hotel!

Book here: https://www.themillennials.jp/shibuya

Margaret Iuchi