Tokyo Creative’s First Company Retreat in Ibaraki

On Friday, March 29th, 2019, the Tokyo Creative team along with its influencers, family and friends headed out to Ibaraki prefecture on their first ever company retreat. 🙌🏼 We had the fortune of having Tabbit Tours, rent out a bus for us (thank you Kashimura-san!) to take us around for the whole day where we got to take in some sights and just have a good 'ol time.

If you haven't watched the video, catch them down below ↓

Let's get this show on the road! 🚌

We started the day early by meeting at Tsukuba station in Ibaraki at 9:30am sharp. Once everyone arrived, we got on the bus and we were off!


Cheers to Ibaraki 🍻

First Stop, Spray Paint Factory?! 🤨

Our first stop was the Somay-Q factory. Wait, the what factory? Everyone had puzzled looks on their faces. However, Tabbit Tours arranged for us to take a tour of the famous spray paint brand, so we headed to see what it was all about.

We got a special behind the scenes tour were we learned about Somay-Q's business along with how Somay-Q's spray paint is manufactured.

Thank you for your warm hospitality Somay-Q!

Once we finished the tour of the factory, we headed outdoors where we received a brief tutorial on how to spray paint. We then got the chance to each design our very own canvas bags under the beautiful sakura trees that were blooming outside. Here's just a few shots of the bags that we got.

let's eat! LUNCH TIME PICNIC 🥪

After an eventful morning of waking up early and getting a tour of the Somay-Q factory, we were starved! We headed to Navel Park ネ​ ーブルパーク where you can picnic under the cherry blossom trees. 🌸

However, when we got there, we saw that the cherry blossom trees had not bloomed yet. 😢Although we were hoping to eat under the cherry blossom trees, we still had a good time since we were in good company and good food. 👌🏻


After fueling up, we headed off to our third location, Koga city in Ibaraki to check out the 43rd annual Koga Momo Matsuri. Here at this park, they have 5 different types of peach trees planted with 1500 peach trees planted throughout the park.

We were in luck as we were able to catch the peach trees blooming in its rich pink color. Here's just some of the shots we were able to capture. Definitely an Instagrammable place to head to if you want some nice shots of the peach trees.

Address: 399 Konosu, Koga, Ibaraki 306-0041

Website: (only available in Japanese)


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Before heading back to Tokyo, the last place we checked out was Fukuoka Seki Sakura Park.

This park is located by the Fukuoka Dam which is one of the three largest dams in the Kanto region. We unfortunately came a bit early so we weren’t able to see the sakura trees in bloom but this is what it looks like one week later. For more pics click here.

Address: 〒300-2407 Ibaraki, Tsukubamirai, Kitayama, 2633−7


Special thanks to Tabbit Bus for driving us all day around Ibaraki & to Somay-Q for inviting us for a tour!

We hope you enjoyed the pics of our company retreat! Stay tuned for the TC play video of the company retreat to come out and in the meantime, if you haven't already followed us, follow us on the channels below.



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