Why the Newest MUJI Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo - Part 1

With all the buzz surrounding the grand opening of the new MUJI Store + Hotel in Ginza Tokyo, we headed out to see what all the chatter was about. After seeing 7 floors of all things MUJI related, we definitely got our fill of MUJI in. Because there’s just sooo much to talk about we’ve split it into a few parts. Here’s part one of why MUJI Ginza makes it a must see store while in Tokyo.


Located in the Heart of Central Tokyo ♥️

First and foremost, what makes MUJI Ginza such a great store compared to its counterpart is its location. Located in the heart of central Tokyo, not only is it located in the swanky district of Ginza Tokyo, it’s also easily accessible for those in the surrounding areas of Yurakucho and Tokyo station (15~20 minute walk).

It’s also located close to several train stations, Yurakucho, Ginza, Ginza-itchōme that are only a few minutes away.

Address: 3 Chome-3-5 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061

Business hours: 10am ~ 9pm

6 Floors of All Things Muji 😍

If you want to truly get the MUJI experience then this store offers just that. Not only does it have all products MUJIi related, the selection of MUJI products is like no other.

1st Floor - Freshly Baked Goods, Bento Boxes to Go and More!

When you enter into the store, the first floor is all about the food. From the floor to the ceiling, you literally see all MUJI food products from their famous curry packets, snacks, tea and more. On top of that, they even somehow managed to pack all of the following amenities in.

Bakery 🥐

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If you are craving for some buns, then look no further than at MUJI Ginza’s bakery shop. They prepare freshly-baked bread from 7:30am. From sandwiches to buns with seasonal fillings, grab them fast as they are gone in a blink of an eye.

Seasonal Produce 🍊🍋🥦

Another one of the unique amenities at Muji Ginza is its small produce section. Here you’ll be able to find seasonal produce that’s either grown organically or produce that has limited pesticide use. Depending on the day, they also offer food samplings too. The day we visited, we got to try some fresh strawberries delivered from Shizuoka prefecture.

Sample time 😋🍓

Wowza, look at the size of those bamboo shoots! 😲

Muji Bento Boxes to Go 🍱

Not only do they sell fresh produce, they also carry a wide selection of healthy bento boxes that you can warm up at the store or get it to go.

Use the Muji Passport App to get your Bentos delivered 📱🛵

If you are lucky enough to work/live around Ginza (Chuo ward, Chiyoda ward, Minato ward* *excludes certain areas - they can’t deliver to Daiba 1 chome/2chome, Minato ward) you can even reserve your bentos ahead of time using the MUJI Passport app (iOS / Android) and have it delivered straight to your door (details only available in Japanese at this time).

Smoothie & Soft Cream Stand🍹🍦

If you are on a health kick and want to a smoothie to go along with your bento, they offer a juice stand where they’ll prepare you a fresh smoothie right in front of you. If you are craving something sweet, they also offer soft serve ice cream made from Shinrinno Bokujo’s Jersey milk straight from the ranch. 🐮🥛

Tea Blending Service 🍵

Last but not least, the first floor wouldn’t be complete without a tea blending service. You’ll be able to choose from 32 different tea types to create your very own tea blend.

Check out part two where we talk about the other cool services and features of MUJI Ginza!




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