Why the Newest Muji Ginza and Hotel is a Must See Spot in Tokyo Part 2

Our journey through the various floors of the new MUJI Store + Hotel in Ginza, Tokyo continues but if you did not have the chance to check out part one, click here. 👈🏼

MUJI is constantly impressing us with their simplistic style, subtly infused with functionality. What makes the new Ginza store unique are the various ways that MUJI has utilized art to bring life and wonder to their ordinary, everyday products. The new MUJI is jumping outside of their comfort zone and we are excited to share with you some of our favorite additions here in part two! ✌🏻

Address: 3 Chome-3-5 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061

Business hours: 10am ~ 9pm

Customization Services ✨

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Muji goes beyond selling you a product by allowing you to make it your own with personal customizations. On the third floor for free, you can use the MUJI Yourself service to customize your stationary like photo albums, notebooks, envelopes, and even shopping bags with special, MUJI stamps. 💮

Another way to personalize your MUJI products, for a small fee, is on the fourth floor through the Customization Service which allows you to embroider your choice of designs from the MUJI catalogue. There are a wide variety of designs from animals to flowers, and even lettering all available in in 26 different colors. Feel free to embroider anything like shirts, tote bags, shoes, backpacks, and more starting at 500 yen. 


A popular addition to the MUJI stores, MUJI Books gathers books from all around the world 🌏 in a variety of different languages. Not only does MUJI invest in secondhand books, they also a pretty decent selection from many genres including paperbacks, cookbooks, picture books, and more. If you’re not sure what to select, they showcase a new genre every month with their favorite books on display.

MUJI to GO 🎒

Being a popular travel brand, it is no surprise that MUJI decided to up their travel selection in the Ginza store. Their unique display of Japan’s train schedules hanging over bins of carry-on supplies depicts the brand’s innovative designs. Not only can you find any and all travel necessities, you can even pick up a new set of luggage exclusively sold at the Ginza location.

Limited edition luggage, only available at Muji Ginza.

MUJI Support 💁🏻‍♀️

Another thing that we love about MUJI is how driven they are to help us simplify our lives. They provide a variety of services at the Ginza location like storage consultation, interior consultation, sleep counseling, wardrobe consulting, color coordinating, and more. 🛋MUJI puts the customer first by helping them in the store and even making house visits. They can assist you from finding the perfect colors for your look to changing light bulbs in your apartment. Click here to learn about more Muji Support services.

Atelier MUJI 🖼

You can do more than just shop at the MUJI location in Ginza. Atelier MUJI consists of a collection of galleries free to the public to view, a salon space where you can relax, and a library filled with a variety of books to enjoy. Located on the sixth floor, Atelier MUJI perfectly pulls the brand’s aesthetic together in one space. 👌🏼

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At the top of the escalator on the sixth floor you will be greeted by an exhibition called “To Change” created by Enzo Mari, an Italian designer that is well known in the MUJI community.

The display alludes to her vision of designing for long-term purposes that will last, rather than for the economy-driven society. The abstract, floating objects fully show Enzo Mari’s commitment to show the growth of simplicity like the chestnut tree to functionality. This exhibit will only be around until July 21st so make sure to head towards Ginza!

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The second exhibition is titled “Design emerging from words” and displays three platforms consisting of slim rods with quotes at the top. The quotes are from a wide variety of intellectuals, artists, writers, etc. and are in various languages. Feel free to walk amongst the platforms reading the inspiring quotes as if you are in a field of positivity. The meaning of the design derives from the all the benefits of planting just a single chestnut tree and how the meaning of our words can be viewed as a tool as well. This exhibition will be here for a short time until June 23rd so stop by for an Instagram worthy picture. 📸

After looking at the exhibitions, you can head over to the salon for some tea, coffee, or a cocktail and then check out the many arts and design books displayed in the library. If you happen to be in MUJI Ginza on the day of a special event like “Mimosa Flowers and Arrangements” or “Introduction to the Digital One Eye Camera,” then stick around on the 6th floor and head towards the lounge. Some events have a small fee so make sure to check them out here!

We have had a blast exploring the MUJI in Ginza so far and are excited to share with you everything that the new store has to offer. Stay tuned for part three of our MUJI adventure where we will give you the inside scoop on the Ginza exclusive hotel and restaurant.




Written by: Ellie Harrison

Tokyo Creative