Welcome in the New Era with Some Reiwa Cup Noodles!? 🎉🍜

With the announcement of Japan’s new imperial era changing to Reiwa (令和), many companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to market their products.

Nissin, the world’s first cup noodle brand will be releasing its “Cupnoodle New Era Commemoration” noodles starting May 1st with its cute packaging. The packaging design is based off a daruma doll, an auspicious doll regarded to bring good luck to the Japanese. 🍀

Original flavor in its pretty packaging

Calorie conscious cup noodles 👌🏻

For those of us worried about the calories, not to worry as they’ve kept the calories low to only 176kcal and 50% less sodium. But make sure to grab them while you can as Nissin Cup Noodles has recently seen a spike in sales from being featured in the NHK TV drama series Manpuku. A TV show based off the founder and creator of Nissin Cup Noodles!

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Slurps up! 🍜

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