We head to LUSH Harajuku's LUSH LABS — the first concept store of its kind

We recently heard that LUSH had released some Japan-exclusive range of bath bombs so we headed out to the hip district of Harajuku to check the bath bombs out and learn more about the first of its kind concept store — LUSH LABS that opened last November.

LUSH LABS—a bath bomb lovers dream come true 😍

As soon as you enter into the store, you are greeted by a wall of colorful bath bombs displayed from wall to wall. Instead of the bath bombs stacked up against one another—which you usually see at most LUSH stores— here at LUSH LABS, the bath bombs are beautifully displayed in a clear acrylic box, each getting their own moment to shine. ✨

Be warned, it's not just your visual sensory that will go into overdrive, your sense of smell will be hit hard. Some of you may find the mixture of the different aromas of the citrus and floral mell to be overpowering. If you need a breather, head on outside for some fresh air.

However, if you’re a bath bomb lover, then this stores for you as the store is two stories high decked out in bath bombs. They also do carry a few other items such as knot wraps, bags as well as cute bath bomb badges, but if you’re looking to see the full product line of LUSH, we suggest you head to a regular LUSH store located throughout Tokyo and the surrounding area.

The knot wrap and bags come in so many designs. Some are Harajuku limited so grab yours before they are gone.

The cutest bath bomb badges.

Bath bombs go digital📱

With so many bath bombs to see and choose, instead of labeling the bath bombs in every corner of the store, LUSH LABS has taken the digital route by sharing the details of each of the bath bomb via an app (only available for iOS users).

How do I use the LUSH LABS app?

While we were marveling at the vast selection of bath bombs, one of the staff came up to show us how to use the app.

After you download the app, all you need to do is allow the app access your camera, tap where it says LUSH LENS - HARAJUKU, and tap where it says START SEARCHING. You’ll then see a white circle displayed in the center of your camera screen. Simply align the bath bomb inside the circle and tap the round button and voila! The details will appear at the bottom. We noticed that for some bath bombs, it took a few tries before the correct bath bomb details appeared so give it go and don’t hesitate to ask the staff as most of them speak conversational English and are super happy to help you out.

Conveyor Belt Bath Bombs

Paying homage to the country that developed the concept of conveyor belt sushi, commonly referred to as kaiten sushi, LUSH LABS has created its very own kaiten bath bomb on both of its floors. Not only is it a creative way to display the bath bombs, the staff, who are bath bomb experts will give you a breakdown of the bath bombs you are interested in learning more about.

Harajuku Limited Products

Although many of the Japan-exclusive bath bombs can be bought online and in stores across the world until the start of summer, there are still some that are only available at the Harajuku location. When asked the staff, here are the ones that she mentioned.

Top, Left to Right

Black ninja, Tengri, Kokedama, Supermoon, Dragon ball

Bottom, Left to Right

Shimokobai, Temple in the Sky, Helter Skelter, Roar 🦖, Monster Café

Make sure to get them while they're available and if you're going to be exploring the Harajuku area, make sure to stop on by at this one of a kind concept store. 😉

Address: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−13−11 大西ビル1階

Business hours: Sun-Sat 11:00am-9:00pm

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