Studying A Kansai Dialect Course Online - Student Interview with Kendall

We recently tried out Go! Go! Nihon’s new online Kansai dialect course on our TC Play Channel with Sharla, Emma and Sarah.

If you’re wondering what it’s like completing the one of Go! Go! Nihon's online courses, check out this student review by Kendall down below!

Q: What is your name and where are you from?

Kendall Gonzales. I am from Las Vegas, NV


Q: Why did you choose to purchase our Kansai-ben online course?

I already use some Kansai-ben words when I speak Japanese so I figured it would be cool to learn how Kansai-ben is spoken and how it differs from Kanto-ben.

Q: What made our course a good fit for you?

The fact that it was online was already what sold me on it. I also liked that the price wasn’t too bad at all either. I also really liked how I could take the course at my own pace.

Q: Specifically, what was the best thing about the course in your opinion?

The fact that it was solely online made it the best. The structure and content of the course was also very well put together and interesting. Adding the little intro to Kansai-ben with the historical background was a nice addition!


Q: How do you use or plan on using the knowledge you acquired?

I plan on using my new knowledge of Kansai-ben with some of my Japanese friends who live in the Kansai area. Possibly even improve on my learned knowledge from this course to be comfortable in speaking the dialect fully.


Q: What was your favorite thing that you learned from this course?

I know it is a language course, but I actually really liked learning about the historical background and Geography on Kansai-ben. In the language aspect of the course I really liked the integration of small skits comparing both dialects and seeing the differences—then learning them the next page over.


Q: How was our course better than other ones you’ve tried (if you have tried other courses or used other resources)?

I am a visual learner so seeing the words and the conjugations pop up in front of me and seeing it be used in skits really helped me learn and understand what was being said. Even though it was difficult and that there were subtitles at my disposal– the complete Japanese dialog was fun to listen to and try to follow along as best as I could.


Q: What results did you achieve by taking our course?

I ended up completing the course at 100%. The information retained was mainly the endings like 〜やねんand 〜ねん. I do remember some of the conjugations for adjectives, but I would probably have to review it again.


Q: How could we improve the course?

I would probably allow a 90-100% passing rate on the tests. Sometimes it was a bit frustrating when I would be almost at the end of the quiz and miss one question. Then I would have to start it all over again. I didn’t just have that issue with the Kansai-ben course but also the onomatopoeia course as well. Or even just extending it a little bit, longer than a 7-day course. I felt like I was rushed through the course.


Q: What was the most difficult thing about the course?

I think the speed of the course was difficult. Yeah, we could go at our own pace, but it was so short and packed with information that it was hard to retain a lot without multiple views of the skits or visits to the page. Especially when you are expected to pass with a 100% before moving on to the next lesson. I feel like if the course was a bit longer in each section or had a quiz in the middle and at the end, it would help with retention and passing grades on the first few tries.


Q: Would you recommend this course to others? (and why?)

I would definitely recommend this course to others. Most courses online only focus on the most common form of Japanese and Japanese taught in schools. There are very little resources that have Kansai-ben as an option.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I really am happy that Go! Go! Nihon has added online courses! I am not able to go enroll into a Japanese school in Japan right now so these online lessons give me new ways to learn Japanese at home. Can’t wait to see what other courses Go! Go! Nihon will offer!