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Five 60s Kansai Folk Songs That Changed Japan

You may know Kyoto for its golden pavilion, its temple balconies overlooking verdant glades of Momiji maple, rock gardens that look like oceans. But do you know its central role in the history of Japan’s folk music culture?

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Studying an Online Kansai Dialect - Student Interview

Find out what it's like to study a Kansai dialect course online with Kendall!

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Five tried-and-true ways to learn Japanese

With so many ways to learn Japanese, how do you know which one will work for you? In our article, we give you our top 5 ways!

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How to make Bento Boxes like a Japanese Supermarket

In Japanese convenience stores, you often see a lot of affordable prepackaged meals in a box-like format. If you’re in the mood to recreate this in the comfort of your own kitchen, here are some tips and suggestions to get you started

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12 Crucial Things You Should Never Do When You Travel to Japan

Japan is one of the most visited countries in Asia and it’s for a plethora of reasons — number one of which is being home to probably the most delicious food on the planet. Here are 12 crucial things that you should never do when visiting the land of the rising sun.

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How to Tell Your Japanese Company You’re Pregnant

Announcing your pregnancy shouldn’t be something scary, but sometimes it is. Many women worry about telling their company that they’re expecting, because they fear that they’ll receive a negative reaction. I certainly felt that way when I found out I was pregnant shortly after accepting a new job.

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2019 Top 10 Tips for Traveling in Japan

2020 is your year to finally get yourself to Japan... and this is how you do it.

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The Koji Kraze you need to get on board with

One major health trend coming out of Japan that we can get on board with is mold– specifically, we’re loving a rice mold called Koji. Already a favorite ingredient to some of the world’s leading chefs like David Chang, René Redzepi, and Jonathon Sawyer, Koji is the old-but-new ingredient to spice up your cooking processes.

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Kick off your OIta Experience!

With the countdown to the Rugby World Cup 2020 inching nearer and nearer, the small city of Oita is secretly packing some heat among its narrow streets. Now, at Tokyo Creative, we already have a wide range of favorite places in Oita already (see here or here), but since this was our first time doing a mini-team trip, we’re excited to add more to our list of favorite places to recommend.

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Escape the City to the beautiful Seaside Town of Nishi-Izu

A coastal town located in the Shizuoka-Kanto area of Japan, Nishi-Izu is known for fresh seafood and its outstanding natural beauty. It really is a must-visit for any outdoor adventurer or travel-buff.

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10 Things to do in Oita City

A true hidden gem of a city located on Japan's southern Kyushu Island, let us show you some of our favorite things it has to offer!

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Broadway In Japan!

Since coming to Japan, I have seen so many adverts and commercials of wonderful broadway performances that seem too good to be true. You can find musicals such as Disney’s classic Aladdin to American Broadway inspired Japanese musicals. Those who come here should definitely add a Broadway show unto their itineraries! Let’s explore some titles that are playing right now!

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🤩 2019’s Best New Japanese Products That Will Leave You Wanting More! 🤩

With our ever evolving and advancing technology and trends, they best way to stay up to date and in the know🤔 is by getting the newest gadgets and inventions! Japan has always been known to come up with the craziest and cutest inventions that can either shock you😳, or leave you squealing with excitement🤗. I have compiled a list of what I think this year’s most practical and interesting products down below. Let’s check them out!👀

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My Hike Up Mt. Takao ⛰!

There is no better way to experience the culture and geography of Japan than to hike up one of their sacred and treasured mountains!

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Let’s Get in Shape! | Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

Exercise in Japan can be fun, enjoyable, and a place for you to meet new friends. Although anyone can opt to go to the gym for a quick workout, it’s nothing like attending a yoga session or going for a brisk hike on Mt. Takao surrounded by Japan’s beautiful nature.

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Perfectly Imperfect | The Art of Japanese Wabi-Sabi

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese world view that essentially embraces the aesthetic imperfections of an object or living thing, and focuses on transparency and total acceptance.

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Write it, Lick it, Send it! | Stationary Magic in Japan

Japan has the highest quality stationary than anywhere else in the world. Letter paper here has a thick yet soft feel to them, while the designs are beautiful and unique. The gold embossed motifs, holographic symbols and shapes, and perfectly designed envelopes will turn anyone into a letter writer. Let’s explore some of my favorite stationary items as well as the places where you can get them!

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Only in Okinawa! | A Guide to the Island's Top Specialties

Okinawa! The salty smell of the sea combined with the cool ocean breeze overlooking the endless horizon will be a vacation you won't forget! There are so many local delights that can only be found here, so before your visit, keep an eye out for these particular specialties that make Okinawa the unforgettable destination that it is.