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Arjyna is a reflexology studio just off of Kokusai-dori street, West of Makishi station. Arjyna's main studio is located just South of Oroku station, and there

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Unazuki Onsen

Unazuki Onsen is a small hot spring resort town close to Kurobe city in Toyama prefecture.

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Harisu Public Footbath

A free footbath open to the public, the waters flowing from the area's hot springs are said to soothe and relax tired and sore feet. The baths are enclosed by a

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Ci:z Labo Ebisu

Ci:z Labo is not just about facial care, but also includes medical care. That means that their doctors will base all of their treatments on how to improve your overall health, and not just your skin.

Article by Sherilyn Siy

Kimono: The Art of Revealing True Form

Look within by looking great outside!

Article by Julia Lai

Coco Chanel Game Center

 Chanel has opened a limted pop up game center at Case B Harajuku.Here you can experience retro games featuring chanel products etc.As well trying your luck at

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Salon De' Parure & Bar Bar

At night, the hair salon Salon De' Parure transforms into the drinking establishment Bar Bar.

Article by Phin 萍

Is it Safe to consume or drink Tap Water in Japan?

Japan is a clean and tidy country. It has fresh air, spotless streets, clean washrooms, clean and tidy convenience stores and more. When travels to Japan, there

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Kumejima Tsumugi

Kumejima Tsumugi is a museum about tsumugi, the handwoven silk that originated in this area.

Article by Sumi Ally C

Amazing Top 10 Hand Creams Tested by LDK the Beauty Magazine

Do you have cracked, rough and dry hands? The benefits of using a hand cream is softer hands. The hand cream replenishes lost moisture and prevent dryness of ha

Article by Danica Ann Unrada

Spend or Save: Beauty Products in Japan

Japan has many amazing things to offer to its visitors, from beautiful parks to onsens to numerous temples to sushi and to all-night karaoke bars. But it also h

Article by Lauren Shannon

Makeup Shopping in Shibuya

Japanese cosmetics are gaining more and more popularity around the world. The cosmetics are already famous in Asia, but now makeup studios and professional mode

Article by Tokyo Creative

Top 5 Weirdest Hot Springs Around Tokyo

The best way to relax like a local while you're in Japan is to visit an onsen (hot spring). Onsen began as public bathing places with few bells and whistles. As

Sight in Oita

Hoyo Land Ryokan & Onsen

The hot springs (onsen) within the Hoyo Land Ryokan & Onsen, located in Beppu, has many proven healing properties. While they have a number of different hot springs, they are most popular for its mud onsen. It is also said to be the place visited by Kukai, a famous Japanese monk back in the 8th century.

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Plaza Shibuya

Newly renovated in spring of 2019, the Plaza store has all of the latest trending cosmetics, tech accessories, stationery, snacks and more. Located conveniently on the basement floor of Shibuya 109.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Top 5 Foreigner-Friendly Hair Salons In and Around Harajuku

If you’re into style and fashion, you have to visit Harajuku. The fashion mecca of Japan, Harajuku features an endless amount of trendy stores. The renowned Tak

Sight in Shizuoka

Ieyasu no Yu Public Footbath

On the square right outside Atami station, a public footbath invites new arrivals to dunk their feet in pure hot spring water and relax for a couple of minutes.

Sight in Kyoto

Yojiya (Kinkaku-ji Temple)

Founded in Kyoto, this cosmetics company has a number of beauty stores in Kyoto as well as at several major airports across the country. They offer a selection


Asian Beauty Gurus Do Emma's Makeup! [Ft. Kim Dao and Sunnydahye]

In this video, Sunny Dahye and Kim Dao, our beauty gurus each do half of Emma's makeup to see which one she likes the best!

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Located in Shinjuku, this complex offers fashion, lifestyle, beauty, health, food and culture. Visitors will find restaurants, cafes, and beauty and lifestyle b

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Miss Paris Jiyugaoka

Miss Paris features a full body foam massage on the front page of their website! You can choose different facial treatments such as aging care and acne scar treatment, face slimming, ect. Miss Paris also offers those coveted gold facials on that you see on tv, using 100% pure gold to brighten and revitalize your face.

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Socie not only operates spa clinics, but also hair salons, pressurized sports, bridal, as well as eye treatments. Before your treatment, they will ask you about your physical health and your mental health, which is a nice change from the usual consultation.

Article by Tokyo Creative

A New Tiffany & Co. Concept Store Opens in Harajuku: Home to 1 of 2 Tiffany Cafes in the World!

Tiffany & Co. and Harajuku have teamed up on a new concept store called Tiffany @ Cat Street!

Article by Tokyo Creative

We head to LUSH Harajuku's LUSH LABS — the first concept store of its kind

2 floors dedicated to those fizzy and colorful bath bombs. A bath bomb lovers dream come true! 🛁

Article by Tokyo Creative

Shodoshima: Be Your Best Artistic Self

If you’re in Japan for its art and cultural beauty, then your preparation for this year’s Setouchi Triennale Art Festival has already begun! For your Ghibli fix and views that easily contest the Mediterranean, Shodoshima is the only place to be.

Article by Yashwanth Kumar Rasani

2 cool Japanese products to instantly cover your hair loss

Have you gone bald and looking for other alternatives than wearing a permanent hat? Are you ashamed of wearing a wig that looks unnatural and damages your remai

Article by Tokyo Creative

Turning 20 in Japan – Seijinshiki

For those who have turned 20 in Japan, the seijinshiki (coming of age day) is a traditional rite of passage. Find out the process of preparing for this event, what to wear, and what to expect here!

Article by Lauren Shannon

Soba at the New Year for a Long, Healthy Life

Kyoto Soba Restaurant from Flickr cc hira3 Slurp in a Happy New Year with soba, a traditional Japanese noodle dish. Made from buckwheat noodles and often serve

Article by Danica Ann Unrada

Spend or Save: Top 10 Skincare Products in Japan

Make-up removers and cleansers are the key to ultimate goal of all Japanese skin care secrets: a beautiful, radiant skin. And there are different types of clean