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Store Your Luggage at Shibuya Station 🧳

The best and most convenient location to store your luggage while you shop and sightsee in Shibuya.

Walk 75m
Sight in Tokyo

Hachiko Gate

Shibuya station's Hachiko Gate leads out towards the famous Shibuya Crossing and to the statue of Hachiko, the dog who waited patiently at this station for its

Walk 95m
Sight in Tokyo

Starbucks (Shibuya Crossing)

This famous Starbucks that overlooks the Shibuya crossing is popular with both visitors and Tokyoites. It's busy all day everyday!

Walk 151m
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Shibuya 109

Shibuya 109 is a women's fashion mall and a true landmark of the Shibuya area. Its brother, the 109 Men's mall, is located just on the other side of the street.

Walk 195m
Sight in Tokyo

Plaza Shibuya

Newly renovated in spring of 2019, the Plaza store has all of the latest trending cosmetics, tech accessories, stationery, snacks and more. Located conveniently on the basement floor of Shibuya 109.

Walk 83m
Sight in Tokyo

Village Vanguard Shibuya

The quirkest chain store selling character goods, sweets, clothing and more. A definite must place to check out for pop culture fans.

Walk 193m
Sight in Tokyo

Daiso Shibuya

The 100YEN store that's a must visit while in Japan. Containing all of the random bits and bobs you can imagine!

Walk 187m
Sight in Tokyo

Mega Don Quijote-Shibuya

The best discount store offering you the best selection of goods from souvenirs, snacks, makeup and more! Shop at all hours since it's open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Walk 268m
Sight in Tokyo

ABC Mart Grand Stage

The place to find the latest cool kicks in Japan. 👟

Walk 128m
Sight in Tokyo

LoFT Shibuya

Located in the heart of Shibuya, the LoFT store brings a plethora of everything from stationery goods to mobile accessories, kitchenware, bags and more!

Walk 233m
Public Transit
Walk 85m
Sight in Tokyo

Shibuya Stream

Shibuya Stream — The lesser known part of Shibuya that's brimming with restaurants, cafes and more! 🍝☕️🍰

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