A Coffee Tour of Nakameguro

Located just to the South West of Shibuya, the neighborhood of Nakameguro has, in recent years, made a name for itself as the coffee hub of Tokyo. With a number of cafes situated along the Meguro river (including the world's largest Starbucks!), this is definitely an area for coffee lovers to explore.

This is a collection of some of our favorite cafes in the neighborhood, if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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Bubbles Chill Coffee

Bubbles Chill Coffee, located near Ikejiri Ohashi station, is a stylish coffee stand which serves freshly brewed coffee for take out.

Walk 491m
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The Workers Coffee & Bar

The Workers Coffee & Bar is located along the Nakameguro river.

Walk 169m
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Starbucks Roastery Tokyo

Starbucks Roastery, located Nakameguro is officially the world's largest Starbucks! Opened in March 2019, the flagship store designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and Starbucks Chief Design Officer Liz Muller, sits alongside the Meguro river, the prime spot for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo.

Walk 181m
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Streamer Coffee Nakameguro

Amazing original coffees and a large open space with ample power outlets and fast internet make Streamer Coffee Naka Meguro the perfect cafe to catch up on your

Walk 285m
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Sidewalk Stand

Sidewalk Stand is a stylish cafe located in Nakameguro.

Walk 368m
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Onibus Coffee

Onibus Coffee is a popular cafe and roastery who provides beans to a number of other cafes in and around Tokyo. Located just behind Naka Meguro station, Onibus is a fantastic place to pick up a quality cup of coffee before a walk along the Meguro river.