Japan #1: Day 8

Collection imported from the Odigo Trip planner.

3 Custom Spots omitted:
- Airbnb
- FujiTV HQ
- Airbnb

Sight in Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market

Formerly scheduled to move to Toyosu this November, 2016, the world’s largest wholesale fish market is set to remain at Tsukiji for another two years, which is

Walk 444m
Public Transit
Walk 20m
Sight in Tokyo


Located on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is a spacious and modern district that is excellent for shopping and entertainment. Due to its newness, it is

Walk 381m
Sight in Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo is an anime theme shop and theme park located inside Diver City Mall in Odaiba. Just outside is a life-sized Gundam statue that has daily sho

Walk 18m
Sight in Tokyo

Diver City Tokyo Plaza

Diver City Tokyo Plaza is a mall on Odaiba island, located close to the stations Daiba and Tokyo Teleport.

Walk 330m
Sight in Tokyo

Venus Fort

Venus Fort is a shopping mall/outlet complex located in Koto-ku. The interior of the shopping mall is designed to emulate the architecture of 17th and 18th cent

Walk 202m
Sight in Tokyo

Mega Web

Mega Web is a car theme park with three areas - the Toyota City Showcase, History Garage, and Ride Studio - located on Odaiba close to the stations Aomi and Tok

Walk 157m
Public Transit
Walk 334m
Sight in Tokyo

Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo Joypolis is an indoors arcade/theme park, with rides and attractions ranging from rollercoasters to haunted houses to shooting and driving games.