My trip: Day 3

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Sight in Tokyo


Located in the Lumine building on the 9th floor, this buffet restaurant serves not only a large range of food from Japan, but also a small selection from around

Walk 633m
Sight in Tokyo

Basso Drill Man

Basso Drill Man is a ramen restaurant that specialises in 'abura soba' or noodles without soup.

Walk 724m
Public Transit
Walk 239m
Sight in Tokyo

Adores Ikebukuro Higashiguchi

This small but busy gaming arcade located near the east exit of JR Ikebukuro Station features popular games such as the crane game, medal game and arcade or pin

Walk 222m
Sight in Tokyo

Animate (Ikebukuro)

Animate is a large anime store that stocks a variety of anime books, comics, and other character-related paraphenalia.

Walk 385m
Sight in Tokyo

Tama Sushi (Ikebukuro Sunshine)

Tama Sushi is a long-established chain of sushi restaurants in Japan. They're one of the very few sushi restaurants that will offer diners not used to raw fish,

Walk 44m
Sight in Tokyo

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is a Pokemon specialty store located in the Eastern part of Ikebukuro. The store contains many Pokemon related goods, card games and l

Walk 103m
Sight in Tokyo

Sky Circus: Sunshine 60 Observatory

The Sky Circus at the Sunshine 60 Observatory in Sunshine City is an immersive experience with a stellar view. Enjoy a 360 view of Tokyo below your feet, immerse yourself in a light show, or get an adrenalin rush through the various VR rides.

Walk 11m
Sight in Tokyo

Sunshine City

Located on the east side of Ikebukuro, this commercial complex features a variety of facilities, including an office building, aquarium, observatory, and shoppi

Walk 309m
Sight in Tokyo

Adores Sunshine

Walk 20m
Sight in Tokyo

Sunshine 60 Dori

A long, pleasant avenue lined with trees, shops and offices starts from directly in front of Shibuya Parco.

Walk 191m
Sight in Tokyo

Sembikiya Sohonten Fruit Parlor (Ikebukuro Seibu)

Semibikiya is famous for its expensive fruit gifts and the Fruit Parlor it runs offers desserts with abundant fruit portions at a reasonable price.