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Amateur Vlogger Mistakes|Things Not to Do When You’re Getting Started

Getting your foot in the door isn’t easy– there’s a lot of trial and error, and it’s inevitable you’ll experience some rocky times. In this Tokyo Creative Learn video, Chris Broad discusses how you can avoid the common traps when creating online content in Japan, as well as tips of caution.


Streaming Essentials | The Gear That Got Me from Zero to Thousands

If Jake’s going to be live-streaming eight hours every day in one of the busiest cities in the world, then he’s going to need some of the best equipment in the business.


All About Recruitment Agencies | Advancing your Career in Japan

Recruitment agencies might have a bad rep in other places, but Tokyo Creative CEO, Chris Okano shows you why they’re imperative to foreigners in Japan.


From English Teacher to CEO in Japan|The Secret to My Success

If English teaching isn’t your calling, Tokyo Creative CEO, Chris Okano shows you why this can be your first step into landing your dream job in Japan.


How I Became Tokidoki Traveller | Social Media Building Blocks

Before her big move, Emma was a fresh graduate, keen to turn her dreams of living and working in Japan into a reality. Today, Emma is ‘Tokidoki Traveller’ – a YouTube personality sharing her life in Japan with an online audience of over 250,000.


Modelling for Some of the Largest Brands in Japan | My Tips and Tricks

Interested in strutting your stuff in Japan? Discover how Aussie girl Emma was able to build out her modeling and acting portfolio, and form partnerships with some of the biggest international brands in Japan.


Is a Professional Camera Needed for YouTube?|My Gear Breakdown

If you’re thinking about starting off with video, make sure you know about the best products in the market.


Finding My Crowd | Growing and Maintaining an Audience

Maintaining an audience of almost two million can be hard, but Aki has a few words of advice on finding a balance between creating the content she loves, and keeping her audience engaged.


My Journey to Japan and Tips on Moving Here Yourself

Falling in love with Japan at first glance is effortless… but moving to Japan is not as easy as Sharla makes it seem like online. Discover the unexpected reasons why Sharla decided to move to Japan, and points to consider if you’re interested in moving here yourself!


The Origins of My Youtube Channel | How I Started

Before teaching English to Japanese celebrities, Sharla’s had humble beginnings in eating Japanese snacks in her Morioka apartment in front of an online audience. In this Tokyo Creative Learn video, find out how Sharla’s YouTube career advanced, and the opportunities it has brought to her since she switched on her camera.


Finding My Dream Job in Japan | How Did I Get Here?

Thinking of moving to Japan, but don’t know where to start? That’s exactly how Sharla felt. Learn how Sharla was able to build herself up online, before finding her unique place in the Japanese entertainment business.


The Secret to Youtube Video Titles | Standing out from the Ordinary

With clickbait coming in at full force on YouTube, how can you make sure you’re balancing being honest about your content while trying to catch the attention of your viewers? Find out how Chris Broad utilizes the YouTube search algorithm to his favor and stand out in the sea of online content.


Should You Teach English in Japan? | Finding Your Way In

Chris Broad is here to answer the age-old question, ‘is teaching English in Japan the foreigner visa trap?’. From the guy who’s done it all, find out the pro’s and con’s to teaching English in Japan, and points to consider if you’re interested in moving and working in Japan.


Being the Best You for Sponsorships and Brands

Everything on the Internet is there forever, so learn how to make it a positive impact to your online career. Joey, ‘The Anime Man’ breaks down how he has been able to work with the brands he loves.

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