What is TC Learn?

TC Learn is a collection of 39 educational videos hosted by a number of creative talents who have all successfully built careers within Japan. The series covers many of the struggles they faced and advice on how to overcome them.

We believe that this series can be especially helpful for people looking for advice on becoming a successful social media influencer in Japan, but can also be valuable for anyone interested in moving here.

TC Learn's videos cover a broad range of topics, from video production tips to obtaining a Japanese visa, to finding an apartment once you're here. Our hosts include some of the most popular Japan-based YouTube influencers, such as Abroad in Japan, Sharla in Japan, akidearest and Joey the Anime Man.

Some videos from the series

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Who are these videos for?

Are you somebody who ...

Plans to visit or move to Japan?

Is considering Youtube as a career?

wants behind the scenes tips and advice from top creators?

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Access to all 39 videos can be purchased for a one-time fee of ¥4,999.


To access TC Learn, you will need to sign into your Tokyo Creative Account, or Create a new account.