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How to Find Your Motivation | Live Life Your Way


Miss Con in Japan | My Miss Con story

Miss Supranational Yuki Koshikawa gives us a glimpse into beauty pageants in Japan and her beauty queen story!


Getting Paid on YouTube | Creator Sponsorships

Being a full-time content creator isn't as easy as our influencers make it look. Learn what to look for, how to self-brand, prepare yourself for company sponsorships, and make sure you get the most out of you work in this nifty video!


Thumbnail Thoughts and Advertising Your Own Videos

The secret to gaining more YouTube views is all in your thumbnail! Sharla from Sharmander and Sharla in Japan, shows you how she's able to grab your attention on the YouTube homepage.


EQUIPMENT 101 | The Vlogging Equipment Essentials

To achieve those true cinematic shots seen in Journey Across Japan, Chris Broad gives us a run-down of his favorite camera gear.


Entering a Japanese University | My Post-Graduate Degree Experience

Finished your Undergraduate and want to pursue your next challenge? Ivy from ThisIsIvyChu on YouTube breaks down her journey from interest to application in her Japanese University: Post-Graduate style!


What Determines the Success of a Youtube video? | Making it Viral

Get your video to those numbers that they deserve! Chris Broad shares his tips on how to make the best of that tricky YouTube algorithm: first, the titles.


Hosting Essentials: Getting Over Fears of Public Speaking

Speaking in front of an audience of hundreds only gets easier with these simple tips and tricks from NHK and Tokyo Creative Host, Shizuka Anderson!


Recording From Home | My Voice Acting Studio Setup

That Detective PIkachu opportunity could have been yours! Start your voice acting career now and see how professional voice actor Kelvin Barnes does it with this simple set-up.


Wear Your Label | Brand Merchandising

Albo from the DriftHunter YouTube channel is finally here on Tokyo Creative Learn to share his secrets on how to develop your very own successful merchandising brand.


Raise Your Voice: My Start as a Professional Voice Actor in Japan

Working alongside voice-acting legends such as Ikue Otani (Pikachu from Pokemon, Chopper from One Piece0 and Miyu Irino (Haku from Spirited Away), Kelvin Barnes shares how he was able to tap into the professional voice-acting scene in the country of animation.


Japanese Visas | How I Was Able to Stay in Japan Long-Term

Sharla from the Sharmander YouTube channel breaks down all the different types of Japanese visas that are available for foreigners who want to pursue a life in Japan long-term.


Moving Across the Globe | Why I Chose Japan

Ask any foreigner living in Japan long-term and they can tell you exactly why they chose Japan. This is Chris Okano’s story. Find out how and why our CEO of Tokyo Creative decided to relocate his entire life and career to Japan.


Entering a Japanese University | My Undergraduate Degree Experience

Your path to higher education begins here! Ivy from ThisIsIvyChu on YouTube breaks down her journey from interest to application in her Japanese University.

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