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5 ways to celebrate Easter in Japan

Going to be in Japan over the Easter break, and wondering how to celebrate the occasion in a country that doesn't participate in the religious meaning behind th

Article by LaShawn Toyoda

How to Tell Your Japanese Company You’re Pregnant

Announcing your pregnancy shouldn’t be something scary, but sometimes it is. Many women worry about telling their company that they’re expecting, because they fear that they’ll receive a negative reaction. I certainly felt that way when I found out I was pregnant shortly after accepting a new job.

Article by Mike B

Tokyo's Secret Garden: Nezu Museum (Omote-Sando)

When you visit Omote-Sando, you will be flanked by skyscrapers and high-end fashion shops.  True, the tree-lined promenade is pleasant, but you do feel as thoug

Sight in Gunma

Bungy Japan (Minakami)

Located only two hours from Tokyo, Gunma Prefecture is one of Japan’s most popular destinations for outdoor sports. Operating since 2007, Minakami is the origin

Article by Sam Lesmana

Hidden Onsens in the Chugoku Region

Chugoku isn’t really known for its onsen… that honour usually goes to Tohoku or Chubu where the snow in winter calls for a soak in the hot water. But in Chugoku

Article by Michael Lam

Ise Shima's Ama Divers

You may recognize Mie Prefecture as the home of Ise Jingu, Japan’s main Shinto shrine. But this year, the Ise Shima area is taking center stage and hosting the

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5 Halloween Costume Trends - with Japanese origins!

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Japan each year - and one of the most fun elements of Halloween celebrations are of course the costumes you get t

Sight in Chiba

Narita Museum of Calligraphy

Featuring over 70 modern works, this art museum focuses on the study and preservation of the art of Japanese calligraphy, called shodo in Japan. The Narita Muse

Article by Jessie H

Japanese Learning Apps

Ever since I traveled to Japan almost ten years ago, I've wanted to go back. When I go back, I want to be more prepared language-wise. I can only understand the

Sight in Kyoto

Matsuo Megumi + Voice Gallery psf/w

Situated in Kyoto, this museum features contemporary works by upcoming artists. The museum often holds exhibitions by art students, in partnership with universi

Article by Angie Rin

A Complete Guide to Gallery Hopping in Tokyo: See More For 1000 Yen or Less!

Tokyo art galleries are some of the best in the world. Find out the must-visit places for all you art lovers!

Sight in Okinawa

Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum

Okinawa Prefectural Museum is a great place to learn more about Okinawa's unique history and culture. It consists of two separate museums: a history museum and

Article by Angie Rin

Antique Mystic at Oedo Antique Market!

Everyone has their own little guilty pleasure in collecting things. For some people it could be little things stamps, hair clips, or pins. For others, it could

Article by Tokyo Creative

Who's the Japanese Artist Featured in Momager Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home?

Find out about the Japanese artist who's artwork was recently featured in Queen momager, Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home and where you can find his artwork in Japan.

Sight in Kyoto

Gallery Sanjo Gion

Gallery Sanjo Gion is an art gallery located in Kyoto City that has a range of artwork from numerous genres such as Japanese and Western paintings, engravings,

Article by Asha Mehta

Whirlwind guide to Japan's top theme parks

Theme parks are such fantastic ways to have fun. With themed shows, thrill rides, fireworks and your favorite characters, they are a true modern marvel. Japan

Article by Ej Uy

Chii~zu: A Journey inside the Nikon Museum

A trip to the Nikon Museum as an amateur photographer.


TC Tea Time 17 : A Guide to Tokyo Nightlife

In this episode, we invite Jake (JakenbakeLIVE), Elsa (Bunny Tokyo) and Paris (Lesweetpea) to talk about their experiences on the Nightlife scene in Tokyo, Japan, and some recommendations of their favorite spots.

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10 souvenirs under 1000 yen that you never knew you needed

Souvenir shopping is one of the most fun things to do on a vacation. It’s significantly harder to enjoy though when you have several people to buy for, or limit

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Falling for fall - 3 places to bungy jump in Japan with autumn views!

If you've ever wanted to experience bungy jumping, there are several places you can enjoy that weightless adrenalin rush in Japan. As an added bonus, in the aut

Sight in Iwate

Morioka History and Culture Museum

Morioka History and Culture Museum displays the treasures of the Morioka clan as well as exhibits about festivals in Morioka.


TC Tea Time 15 : How Do Foreigners Make Friends in Japan?

jakenbakeLIVE joins us once again to discuss how to make friends in Japan. This may sound like a weird topic to discuss but if you have ever lived in Japan before, you would understand that it's actually more difficult than it sounds!

Article by Hayden Murphy

Lights, Camera, Japan! Locations That Inspired Films

Japan is no stranger to the world of cinema.

Article by Athena Lam

How to...Kintsugi

Just broke your favourite cup? Before throwing it in the dustbin, consider it a golden moment to make your first kintsugi piece. Kintsugi is the Japanese craft

Article by Mike B

Travelers' Survival Kanji (Downloadable Cheat Sheet Inside)

Last week I wrote an article called, "In Doubt When Dining Out," offering some survival Japanese for enjoying meals in Japan.  This week, it is my pleasure to t

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5 reasons why a trip to Japan is good for your health

You might be contemplating a trip to Japan, but you're looking for ways to justify it to yourself. After all, for many people a trip to Japan is literally trave

Article by Yvaine Yvonne

Tattoos and Onsen

Now, you may have heard the rule in a lot of onsens (hot springs) that required that you DO NOT have tattoos on anywhere on your body if you want to enter their

Article by Patrick St. Michel

How to... Sumo

BY PATRICK ST. MICHEL Unlike many seasonal sports, the venerable, homegrown Japanese wrestling spectacle that is sumo can be seen throughout t