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Harajuku, which is between Shinjuku and Shibuya, it is also known as a ‘teen’ street. However, the style of Harajuku is even more bizarre than that seen in Shib

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Closet Child Harajuku

Closet Child Harajuku is a Gothic Lolita clothing store located in Harajuku.

Article by Tokyo Creative

Top 5 Foreigner-Friendly Hair Salons In and Around Harajuku

If you’re into style and fashion, you have to visit Harajuku. The fashion mecca of Japan, Harajuku features an endless amount of trendy stores. The renowned Tak

Article by Jinming Xie

Experience in Supreme Harajuku, Tokyo and Osaka

Supreme in harajuku, Tokyo One of the five supreme stores is located in omotensando in harajuku, Tokyo, and this store is a smaller one in Tokyo comparing with

Article by Kim Dao

A Tour Down Takeshita Street - Harajuku

Hey everyone! It's Kim Dao here with some more shopping blogs! Today I'm going to introduce to you Harajuku. Harajuku is known as the young fashion district in

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Kinji Harajuku

Kinji is a Harajuku-style second hand clothing store located on Meiji-doori.

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Salmon Harajuku

Originally called Takuya Angel, this store was founded by fashion designer Takuya Sawada in 1955. Renowned for its bold fashion style, Salmon Harajuku offers a

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Afuri Ramen (Harajuku)

Afuri is a chain of ramen restaurants with several locations in Tokyo. This particular shop is in Harajuku.

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BodyLine (Harajuku)

Bodyline is a Japanese fashion store located on the famous shopping street, Takeshita Dori, in Harajuku.

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Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Cafe (Harajuku)

Ra.a.g.f (read "Raf") is a place in Harajuku where you can play with and feed rabbits and even buy them, if you get along well.

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Chardonnay Café & Cigar Bar

Chardonnay is a cigar and whisky bar located in the basement of the Harajuku Piaza Building close to the Harajuku JR, Jingumae and Omotesando stations.

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Kiddy Land (Harajuku)

This toy store has been a Harajuku staple for over fifty years, and offers character goods and a variety of unique items that can only be found in Japan.

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Calbee Plus (Takeshita Street Harajuku)

Opened in December 2011, this Harajuku branch of famous food maker Calbee offers a variety of snacks and limited-edition regional chips. The shop also serves ch

Article by Gaurav Gupta

Giant Cotton Candy in Harajuku!

Tokyo doesn't mess around when it comes to cotton candy. Just a few minutes from Harajuku station on Takashita street, you will find "Totti Candy Factory". Oh m

Article by Midori Nishida

Snack Like a Harajuku Girl

Harajuku is insanely popular among the younger crowd and many of the fashion trends and pop culture originate from the lively neighborhood. If you take stroll t

Article by Frances Madain

Cat Cafe, Harajuku

Just across Harajuku JR train station, before going ahead to Takeshita Dori, look up in a building for Mocha Cat Cafe (floor 3 or 4). It is very easy to tell by

Article by Rob W

Tokyo guide (2): Harajuku and kawaii monster cafe

Harajuku is probably one of the most popular districts in Tokyo.It offers many trendy shops, good restaurants and just many interesting places to see.In this a

Article by Julia Lai

Harajuku Pink Photogenic Spots in Tokyo

Harajuku full of art, fashion and culture, cute and awesome buildings and spots that's worth posting on your Instagram.Always on Instagram you'll always see awe