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1-12: Mon-Tue: - 12:00-14:30 - 17:30-22:00 Thu: - 17:30-22:00 Fri-Sun: - 12:00-14:30 - 17:30-22:00
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About this sight

Previously featured in the Michelin guide, this restaurant serves Kaiseki style (traditional Japanese multi-course) meals. The restaurant serves mostly seafood dishes, specializing in conger eel. Prices vary according to the number of dishes and ingredients used within the course. Lunch courses range from 3200 yen to 12000 yen, while dinner courses range from 6500 yen to 12000 yen. The dishes are served one by one and each course usually lasts for around an hour and a half. Reservations for two or more people can be made online or over the phone. In order to allow time for preparation, reservations should also be made at least two days beforehand. Cancellation within two days of the reservation day will result in a penalty fee. A failure for all members of the party to arrive on the day of the reservation would also result in a penalty fee. The restaurant is normally closed on Wednesdays and during the daytime on Thursdays. Do keep in mind that only cash is accepted when coming to the restaurant.