Mount Iwafune Koshoji Temple


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Located by Mount Iwafune, also known as Iwafunesan, this temple holds much religious significance in the Kanto district. According to legend, the temple was built on top of the sacred rock of Mount Iwafune to enshrine the statue of a Jizo (Buddhist saint). The temple serves as a place of worship, offering funerary and other religious services to locals in the area as well. Upon entering the temple, there is a tall red gate, the Nio-mon Gate, said to be protected by two guardian gods of Buddhism. The gate leads to the main attraction of the temple complex, a three-story red pagoda. The temple is surrounded by rocky cliffs, with the highest point measuring 173 meters above sea level. Various Jizo statues are scattered along the edges of the cliff, which offers a panoramic view of the surroundings.