Yokoyama Kyodokan


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About this sight

An 18 minute walk from Tochigi train station, this local museum was previously the residence and business premises of the Yokoyama family, a wealthy merchant family in the Meiji area. The family owned several businesses, including banks and hemp wholesalers, two of which have been successfully restored until today. Hereditary treasures of the Yokoyama family, some of which have been claimed as national cultural property, remain inside the warehouse. Overall, the museum provides a glimpse into daily life of the time and offers an educational cultural experience for adults and students alike. Additionally, the museum is located along the Uzuma river, which formerly served as a trading route between Edo and Tochigi, where sight-seeing tours are also offered. Lasting for around 15 minutes, the tour offers an expansive view of the storehouses, as well as other structures within the area.