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Formerly scheduled to move to Toyosu this November, 2016, the world’s largest wholesale fish market is set to remain at Tsukiji for another two years, which is great news for tourists who want to catch the tuna auction at the wholesale section. Only 120 visitors a day can visit the early morning auction which starts at 5am. But even if you aren’t an early riser, Tsukiji market can be enjoyed with a walk around the outer market which consists of many food stalls selling seafood rice bowls, ramen and other local delights. And outside the wholesale market there are rows of sushi shops, seafood bowl shops, yakitori, fried foods and other eateries meant to cater to the workers at the fish market, but now also catering to hordes of tourists.

With so many tourists flocking to the market, and an increasing number of shops selling souvenirs such as T-shirts and trinkets for tourists, it is easy to forget that this is actually a place of work crucial to the provision of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables to a majority of restaurants in Tokyo and the whole of Japan.

The specialty shops selling knives for various purposes as well as other cutlery and seasonings from bonito to tea leaves are a reminder that this is a place where the professionals come to shop as well. And of course, the many trucks and scooters zipping around the market. The area may not be suitable to visit with young children and pets, and be sure to check the website for dates that the market is closed other than Sundays.