Takasakiyama Monkey Park


3098-1 Kanzaki, Oita-shi, Oita-ken
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Open Hours
1-12: Mon-Sun: - 08:30-17:00
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About this sight

With over 1,500 wild "snow" monkeys roaming the mountains on the western part of Oita City, Takasakiyama Monkey Park is an awesome place to visit for any monkey loving explorer. With no boundaries between you and the monkeys, you are allowed to get up close and personal with these awesome animals. It's only a 10-minute walk away from Beppu station by either taxi or bus so it could make for a great half day tour.

For only 100 yen roundtrip ticket, visitors can either ride the 5-minute monkey themed monorail or walk to the main area of the monkeys. There are many walking tours that you can embark on observing the monkeys groom themselves, play with each other, eat, etc. Managers of the park usually feed the monkeys in order to prevent them from wandering onto private property. Feeding usually takes place hourly.