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Open Hours
1-3: Mon-Sun: - 10:30-15:30 5-9: Mon-Sun: - 09:30-17:00 10: Mon-Sun: - 09:30-16:30 11-12: Mon-Sun: - 10:30-15:30
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About this sight

The Asahiyama Zoo, located in the middle of Hokkaido, is a popular zoo for its interactive enclosures that allow visitors to observe the animals from various innovative angles to catch them at their natural best.
The zoo also has a very homely feel to it, with staff adding their personal drawings and notes to various animal displays, telling you about the animal’s character and characteristics.
Popular enclosures include the polar bear area where you can pop up into a small glass dome in the middle of the enclosure, or the penguin pool that has a glass tunnel that provides a clear view of the penguins’ underwater dives. Other than wildlife from Hokkaido such as deer, eagles, cranes and wolves, there is also a wide variety of animals from other parts of the world, such as giraffes, apes and walruses.