American Village Okinawa Mihama


904-0115Okinawa‎ Chatan, Nakagami-GunMihama-9-12Japan
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Located in the central Okinawa town of Chatan, this village is near U.S. military bases and reflects heavily the influence from the west with fast food restaurants such as A&W hamburgers, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins and its fashion options such as Jusco, which makes for a great place to grab some cheap souvenirs. This popular shopping, dining and recreation option for tourists and locals alike, draws 1 million visitors per year and offers a slice of American life in the middle of Naha.
The Ferris wheel here is a landmark of the area, and the 15-min ride offers a birds’ eye view of the city, and makes Mihama a popular date spot as well. Head to the Seaside Square for lots of food options, as well as entertainment such as bowling, gaming arcades, karaoke and shopping. There is also a seven-screen movie theatre here that offers modern stadium seats and stereo sound with both western and Japanese movies.