Blue Seal Ice Cream Parlor (Owan on Kokusai-dori)


1-3-63 Makishi
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Okinawa has a cold treat on every corner to combat the strong sun🌞, and this brand in particular is a must try. Their slogan is "Born in America, Raised in Okinawa.” This brand was originally started in 1948, when the US military established a base in Okinawa to provide for the personnel stationed there. Who would have thought it would become the famous brand that Okinawans hold so dearly? They are mainly famous for their soft mouth watering texture, as it melts as soon as you take a bite. They have over 30 flavors, including those that are local to Okinawa, such as the beni-imo(purple sweet potato) and the Goya bitter melon, so try them if you are feeling adventurous.