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Kabukicho used to have a connotation as a seedy red light district for the underworld – today, tourist attractions such as the Robot Restaurant and the Samurai Museum are located in this district. It remains as an entertainment district, with many links to red-light activities, cabaret or drag shows, with host and hostess clubs and rows of love-hotels at a sudden turn of the street, but the area has been cleaned up a lot and is now safe for tourists and regular people to walk through for a night out without too much fear of getting involved in the wrong company or a random brawl.

There are in fact many movie theatres in the area, as well as tax-free shopping attractions for tourists. The name of the district came from plans for a kabuki theatre to be built in the late 1940s, though this plan never came through.

Here you will still find many hosts or hostesses touting for guests, but don’t feel pressured to get dragged into any – but if you do, make sure you have enough cash as cards are often not accepted.