Iizuna Resort Ski Area


2755-209 Kawakami, Iizuna-machi, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano-ken
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Open Hours
1-3: Tue-Sat: - 08:30-16:30 - 18:30-21:40
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About this sight

The Iizuna Resort Ski Area is located in the mountainous prefecture of Nagano. The resort is recommended for all skiing levels, even families with children, since nursery and day care services are offered here.

For those that don't have the necessary clothes or equipment, don't worry. This resort offers a full set of rental gear, everything from boots, jackets, skis and helmets.

There is also a fairly large cafeteria on the main floor, perfect for a bite to eat before you hit the slopes or as a nice meal after to refuel.