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The Ocean Expo Park located in the north of Okinawa, the Motobu area, was constructed in 1975 in commemoration of the Okinawa international marine exposition held there in that year. The Expo itself was held partly in commemoration of the return of Okinawa to Japan by the United States in 1972.

Now, it is a popular recreational attraction for locals and tourists alike, consisting of the world class Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, as well as beautiful beaches, islands and resorts. The Ocean Expo Park is a well-maintained government-run park, sprawling over 70 hectares and takes up 4km of coast. There is minibus transport available between the attractions to make it possible to see them all in a day. Other attractions in the park include the Tropical and Subtropical Arboretum of the City Greener Project, the Tropical Dream Center, the Native Okinawan Village & Omoro Arboretum and the Emerald Beach. The park is extremely busy during the summer months, when firework festivals are held along the beach.