Matsumoto Seika


2185-2 Hirao, Yamanouchi, Shimotakai, Nagano
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Open Hours
1-4: Mon-Sun: - 07:30-21:30 5-10: Mon-Sun: - 07:00-22:00 11-12: Mon-Sun: - 07:30-21:30
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About this sight

Located on the main avenue of Shibu Onsen Town, this Japanese confectionery shop sells onsen manju buns, a specialty of the area. The buns are made from different wheat and buckwheat flours and stuffed with a sweet filling, before being steamed over the local hot springs. Matsumoto offers a number of flavors. The best-seller is koshian, which is made with sweet red bean paste. Other popular flavors include sesame buckwheat, sesame miso, sweet chestnut, and local sake.