Mount Yahiko


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Located in the central-west part of Niigata close to the shore of the Sea of Japan, this volcano offers mountain trails lined with cedar trees, a rich wildlife and panoramic views. While trekking the trail, hikers can learn about the history and culture of the region on map panels and information boards. Yahiko Village and Yahiko Shrine are located at the eastern foot of Mt. Yahiko, right in the middle of the Sado Yahiko Quasi-National Park. At the summit, visitors can enjoy the panoramic observation tower with a view over the Echigo Plains and Sado Island. In front of the tower, visitors will find a giant cherry tree. Its variety is called Shiroyama and is known for its special flowers, which have white petals and a contrasting red base. The tree is about 12 meters tall and its trunk measures a 370 cm circumference. Accessible from Yahiko Shrine parking lot.