Washi no Nakajo


809 Obuse, Obuse, Kamitakai, Nagano
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Open Hours
1-3: Mon-Sun: - 08:30-17:00 4-10: Mon-Sun: - 08:30-17:30 11-12: Mon-Sun: - 08:30-17:00

About this sight

This small shop specializes in washi paper, or traditional Japanese handmade paper typically made from the bark of a mulberry tree. Washi is used in many traditional Japanese arts, including origami, calligraphy, and woodblock prints. Washi is one of UNESCO’s Intangible cultural heritage objects. Washi no Nakajo sells a variety of items, such as stationery paper, puppets and toys, as well as an extensive selection of handmade masks made from washi paper mache.